Salvation & Prophecy – Why Redact One and Not The Other?


2016-07-21_14-56-38In our studies concerning the redaction of the Words of Jesus concerning salvation, which we have now proved conclusively is the case, has anyone ever wondered why some of these same people, i.e., the preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic ministries, constantly use His Word when it comes to world event prophecy?

While it is true that prophecy appears to be an unwanted step-child in most churches as is true salvation as well, the ones who do speak of prophecy a good share of the time, and use the prophetic words of Christ then turn around and refuse to use His Word when it comes to His prophecies concerning Salvation! This is true even of non-Christians, who are into prophecies of every source. There is no mention of salvation there either.

I want to focus on the great number of prophetic ministries out there, who constantly issue more and more books, videos, YouTube videos and even movies (Mark Taylor now has a full feature film out called the “Trump Prophecies” concerning prophecy.  All of them that I have found have FULLY REDACTED what Jesus told us concerning SALVATION and substituted the faith only and believe only gospel when they are only the prerequisites required to enter in.  How can they use ONE PORTION of the Words of Christ, spend vast amounts of time debating over this issue or that issue while at the same time, refuse to debate or investigate the other?

I believe the answer is that the SPIRIT OF THIS WORLD must be involved in such a blatant error in thinking that people are oblivious to it. We could call it “selective hearing”. Satan, of course, does not really care about what people believe about anything else.  Why should he care what people are into as long as the true message of salvation is missing? After all, his goal is to take as many people to hell as he can – which is exactly what he wants and is exactly what he is doing.

The other issue here is that prophecies are generally ABOUT THIS WORLD, THE THINGS AND EVENTS OF THIS WORLD. In other words, if you really examine the prophecy web sites out there, or listen to them on radio, TV , YouTube, Vimeo and others, they concern themselves ONLY with events and prophecies OF THE WORLD. Jesus told us to leave the world behind, and not get entangled into the affairs of THIS WORLD, other than to WATCH, so that “that day does not catch us as a thief.”

And why does not the Lord do more to prevent it? His Word says He wants everyone saved and that no one is lost. He also says, however, IF YOU HEAR HIS WORDS AND DO THEM NOT, YOU ARE A FOOLISH PERSON. The admonitions of the Lord in both Old and New Testaments are to SEARCH FOR THE LORD WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, MIND AND STRENGTH  until you FIND Him,  but that too has been redacted. There are no such commands in modern Christian theology. All of it has been removed.

So what this boils down to is that we have total disobedience to the commands of the Lord and the end result is NO SALVATION for the multitudes of the preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic ministries and those that followed them, those that Jesus, Peter, Paul and others warned about are all involved in a BROAD WAY THEOLOGY without knowing it, for they are under a delusion, a STRONG DELUSION.

Jesus warned about this, and it is a PROPHECY, but all of those warnings concerning SALVATION in the prophetic sense likewise have been redacted, are never mentioned!! So it is that even those who focus on prophetic things NEVER focus on the PROPHETIC warnings of FALSE SALVATION THEOLOGY.

Is there anyone out there that would like to comment on why that is so? Just asking, that’s all.



P.S. To confirm that there is no interest in this is the fact that I have offered “THE MYSTERY OF CHRIST” and a link to “DARKLIGHT” FOR FREE and we got ONE request for it. Salvation is the most important issue of LIFE and yet it is considered the exact opposite. Go figure!!! CAN’T GIVE THE TRUTH AWAY, NO ONE WANTS IT!!


8 thoughts on “Salvation & Prophecy – Why Redact One and Not The Other?

  1. Stewart our Brother, everyone here has indeed spoken the truth. People in the churches today want to hear from the preacher, they assume he must be divinely inspired, as God gives them to believe in their strong delusions, so they never have to grow up spiritually. I know for those of us who continue to grow as we walk toward the kingdom, god allows Satan to disrupt us constantly, because god knows most of us will fight all attempts to be led astray, trying to make us forget our souls final destination thanks to Jesus. Also most are afraid of death, and the church gives them false promise of an assured salvation.


  2. Thank you Stewart! Your continued ministry is a blessing. I wish many would read darklight. It’s an absolute eye opener, for me personally I’m on my second time reading it. I have read and reread all of your books and pretty much anything everything you produce. I want the truth and God has lead me to you so that you could lead me to him. You have nothing to gain and want to save others, you want others to find the truth, you offer it free of charge… do the many not realize, not care, or just blatantly refuse? I don’t know but you are one voice of truth and I thank you, thank the Lord repeatedly, for you.


  3. You ask why people have trouble believing in the Salvation or prophesy and getting wrong and missing the point and redacting Christ from the Gospel etc. Maybe they do not get or find the truth because GOD CHOOSES THEIR DELUSIONS, GOD IS THE ONE WHO DRAWS THEM IN AND BRINGS THEM TO THE TRUTH, GOD KNOWS WHO ARE HIS BECAUSE HE CHOSE THEM ALL FOR CHRIST. The bible tells you all this, God also divides the world into two categories those who hears Gods words and follows the light or they choose the world and follow darkness which is satan, whether they are aware of it or not. There is nothing you can do or say about it, GOD is in charge and control of all. Thank you for your Salvation truth Stewart and leading people to the light, through our Lord Jesus Christ on the narrow way, sad that more people cannot see the truth but it is not because of your bad teaching but more because God did not determinate that they should hear it. Blessings on your small ministry of truth and yourself and your family.


  4. Stewart can you try to send both these copies please. I thought I had requested them but have not received them, maybe my request didn’t get through.
    Re the “Why” you have asked. Very unfortunately those in the world who do want to have God the Father and Christ in their lives, trust their religious leaders to be preaching the truth but those leaders are feeding them a false gospel. Do these leaders know what they are doing???? I don’t know their minds??? However, I did come across a fellow who was part of a bible study group that was coming to understand how we were commanded by Christ to seek righteousness (and those rules are clearly spelled out in both the OT and NT) and is mandatory for salvation.- and the graciousness of God is His mercy because we often miss the mark. The light went on for a man in the group who stood up and said “Well I can see it, but if that’s what it means then I will have to go back and re-learn everything that I thought was true”. A couple of weeks went by and this man became agitated and argumentative. Then one week he arrived and announced that he found it very uncomfortable, and that if we obeyed then we were being legalistic and Jewish (by the way have you ever met a Jew who actually does keep the law???) I haven’t.
    The man said “The law was nailed to the cross – Christ has taken on all our sins for ever and it was all fulfilled at the cross and we are saved”. We explained indeed that the Word had been nailed to the cross, the Word being one of the names of our Saviour (Jesus the Christ), but what He said had never changed. The man was angry and said it was too hard and he would join another group that was more comfortable for him.

    Stewart we are in a battle for our eternal lives and it is serious business – the path is narrow but not impossible to find.



  5. Hi Stewart,
    Agreed,.. Very strange that so few people request your documentation. Guess that they have no idea about how long is eternity. We are living in a ZERO time window. Dividing any number by infinity end up to ZERO. What does that mean? Well it means that even if we live for billion of years in that present time (Dispensation / Grace) it will result in a big ZERO in comparison to eternity. Salvation has to be obtained in that present time. Not after death. However, some times I wonder if the Lord did not told us that there is a second chance after death. That would increase the harvest of souls for MANY. Anyway, there is no place in the scriptures that mention it clearly, except for the Passover who can be celebrated one month later for someone who missed it,… kind of second chance that may be is concealed in the feast of Passover.


    Luc from Canada


  6. reminds me of the time I went to see a man who had the gift of prophecy, there was a good handful of people he called up to the front of the church to prophesy over, and everyone of them received a prophecy concerning this world. when I was called up to the front I also received a message of prophecy, but it had nothing to do with this world. the prophecy was 3-4 scripture verses that pointed me to the promised land in the Kingdom of Heaven.


  7. Hello Stewart….I have pondered what you rhetorically raise in this piece. My discernment is this…generally, man does not want the truth, or love the truth, or wish for the spirit of truth. If one wants the truth, then, despite the god of this world, the Most High Elohim, Yahweh would afford that soul the opportunity to seek it out and all. What I have found is that people generally, do not want to have their current, personal “paradigm” challenged or changed, because they do not want to lose what comfort level they currently possess. And since most people approach life this way, there is steady, subtle confirmation and feedback that the posture so adopted to preserve comfort and their paradigm is OK. Truth eventually leads to a FEAR OF GOD and a realization of the just what this “MATRIX” is that we are born into that is self fulfilling whose god is Satan. AND leads to Jesus Christ who alone is THE TRUTH. We all have heard of “political correctness” in the sphere of daily living and social intercourse. WELL, YOU HAVE VERY ACCURATELY IDENTIFIED AND DESCRIBED WHAT I SEE AS “SPIRITUAL CORRECTNESS”. Be encouraged, for you have reached the few that needed the fruit of your work. I will leave of with this rhetorical question…”WHY WOULD THOSE WHO NAME THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST NEVER TAKE HIM OR HIS COMMANDMENTS AND WORDS SERIOUSLY ENOUGH TO ACTUALY KNOW WHAT HE SAID, OR WHAT HE COMMANDED US TO DO?” Again, my conclusion is that few want to know truth, let alone THE TRUTH. I will conclude. The Peace of Christ be yours today, even Forever.


  8. Hi Stewart, I’d like a copy of those, send or post a link again please. Money is tight at the moment for me, but I do read everything you send out, and while just living in the spirit is a moment to moment battle, even while we sleep our minds are under assault, just keep plugging into the word and getting it out there. I am sure those whom God wants to hear will be sent to you and mr. Taylor there for spiritual growth. Salvation cannot come until we are ready to understand it, hardest thing to do for most of us, to read And understand god’s word. Blessings to you and your family.


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