Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-2-2018 – Is The End At Hand?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Invasion USA, Revolution, Martial Law, Earth Changes & Sudden Destruction



It appears that the United States is about to enter a time of trouble. The communist coup, AKA Deep State coup is about to accomplish their goal – invasion, revolution, martial law and America down. There is also signs that the end of the age of Grace is close at hand, and could close suddenly and with no warning. Will Trump close the border and hold the “military caravans” from crossing over, or is there another plan underway? Military forces are moving towards the border with heavy armaments. Will this “invasion”, if not stopped, be the beginning of a rapid fall of America? Many signs have come and gone to warn America she is about to come crashing down via economic collapse, internal revolution, and martial law, and once the Constitution and Bill of Rights are gone, they will be gone forever. Meanwhile trouble in Israel again on the Gaza front, threats from China and Russia continue, and earthquake and volcanic activity are rising rapidly plus much more…


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