Best & Taylor Intel Update For 10-25-2018 – Sudden Destruction

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Military Caravans, Aliens Within, Wars & Rumors of Wars, Game 3 &4 World Series


Do You Know The Message Here?

If anyone doubts where we are on the timelines for America’s invasion and demise, they are in rank denial and have not a clue as to what is going on all around them. This so-called caravan is the final phase to divide and conquer America, long planned out is about to reach its climax. No matter what President Trump does, he will be held responsible by the Deep State. The obvious fake false flag of “Bombs To Democrats” smells like a very dead rat as to its timing in relationship to the approach of both the elections and the military invasion dressed up to look like innocent illegals seeking a better life. The snowflakes and bleeding-heart liberals will find out all to soon what it means. Then we have the World Series and its ties back to the World Series in 1989 earthquake – will it happen again? Earthquake and volcanic activity are in an uptick at the right time – Israel and Middle East troubles continue and so it goes…