Is Anyone Watching? Does Anyone Care?

Mark 13:37 (14 or 77)

And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch”.

It seems that there is little interest in the real things of the Lord and that the prophecies of people turning away from the truth is now almost complete. Not long ago I offered several FREE E-books concerning salvation and a free link to our book “Dark Light” and got only one request. As I have stated before, you cannot even give away the truth anymore – they have all turned unto fables and have embraced those fables as THE TRUTH in total fulfillment of prophecy.

Why does one think the Lord said

“Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do what I say?”

Not only can you not give away materials anymore, even free documentaries appear to be totally unwanted as well. I believe this attitude of non-wanting and non-giving to support the truth is likewise a part of the huge apostasy that is now upon us. While Night Shadows has 1000’s of listeners, I can count on two hands the number of people who actually support it. We have a bunch of free loaders out there this information will be of no value to them in the end.

Now to the October 25-November 11, 2018 watch date. More evidence is suggesting that a major earthquake may well strike the United States during the 114th World Series, which is a 4-11. The number 4-11 appears to be a direct reference to the FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST, that is the ENTIRE CHURCH AGE from beginning to the end.  I believe, as do others who have pointed all of this out on YouTube, that even Google is in on the act, and may be pointing to a total surprise between 10-25-to – 11:11, a 17 day warning watch. That does not mean anything will happen, only that we could see the beginning of the rapid fall of America as the communist coup goes into high gear.

More evidence is showing up that the World Series and earthquakes are indeed related to each other, and as several others have pointed out, baseball is not only called “America’s Pastime” but also is an ICON of the American people, one of their favorite IDOLS. It would therefore make perfect sense for the Lord to use the World Series as a major sign for the removal of His people and the beginning of TROUBLE for America. This Google doodle appeared October 12th. It obviously is connected to the World Series.

There are a number of things here that we need to investigate. We already know that the 1989 Series struck without any warning whatsoever just before GAME 3. This is very symbolic of SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, and the message here was very clear if you had eyes to see. I went over the Candle Stick Park connection to the rapture and the man waving the sign of the RETURN COVENANT in my last blog. We now fast forward 29 (11) years to this World Series in 2018 (11). The connection to 11:11 is obvious.


If one takes a good look at this Google doodle, it appears to hearken back to a Mr. Stewart, the most valued player of the series. He wore number 34 which is a 7 or 3×4 = 12 which means perfection.  Notice that in this doodle, the number on the shirt is 21 or 777. Combined we have a 7777, which is very important in how the Lord uses numbers. However, it may be a double reference, and is also pointing to the arrival of Obama as Lord of the Flies, AKA Lucifer. Who knows?

If you add the number for 21 on his uniform, you have 2+1 = 3. Three is the number of resurrection. Some are saying that you add 21 days from October 12th, which lands on 11-2-2018 . You may notice in the upper left there are two hands holding a baseball and on that ball is a HEART. Could these be the hands of the Lord holding his Church in His hands – symbolic of TAKING THE CHURCH HOME? Could it be that the hitter is looking up to see the Lord in the clouds? Could he have just hit a HOME RUN? Having finished the course, having finished the race, we go home?

Remember that the occult knows all about the rapture of the Church, as demonstrated over and over some years ago in 2015 and the 9-23 movies, cartoons, and YouTube. They have not been shy about discussing the removal of the Christians and their attitude is “good riddance to bad rubbish!” Google is DEEP STATE. They have using their doodles for a long time to convey their message to those who have eyes to see.

Now notice the fingers on the hands and the player is LOOKING UP, perhaps hinting that it is a HOME RUN. There are five fingers showing on his RIGHT HAND, and 5 IS THE NUMBER OF GRACE, and FOUR fingers on his LEFT HAND, and 4 is the number of THE WORLD. Together, you see 9 fingers and 9 is the number for divine completeness. Is there a hidden message here?

Now under the two hands holding the ball WITH THE HEART, you will see a triangle pointing downward with a lone star within it. In the book of Isaiah, Chapter 14, we read about the MORNING STAR, a mimic of Jesus Christ. I believe this portrays the ARRIVAL of LUCIFER to the world stage. Remember that Lucifer fell as LIGHTNING, and the rapture of the Church uses the term LIGHTNING as well. “In the twinkling of an eye”.

This does not mean that all of this takes place during the World Series but is pointing to a SERIES OF EVENTS that will START DURING THE WORLD SERIES. As to exactly what is the trigger event remains to be seen – but a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE is the most likely event to start the entire sequence of events as happened during the 1989 quake. The stock markets are taking great hits as well, and this may be the beginning of the end. The mystic “No-Eyes” said the market would go to ZERO. Hard to imagine. For example, today 10/24, the Down fell 608.1 which is a coded 4-11. The actual close was 24,583.42 which has an embedded 666 within it. Here it is: 24 = 6 and 583 is 16 and 42 is another 6. So we have a 666, a warning for all who invest in the markets.

The 1989 quake is pointing to October 27th of this year, the 4th game in the series, and the 4th day of Tabernacles. Why? Add the numbers together and remember the month this all took place. 1+9+8+9 = 27 in October, which appears to be pointing to October 27th !  The 4th game in the series on October 27th and is played in Los Angeles. We have been warned over and over by scientists that a huge earthquake in LA is long overdue.


Now notice the start time of the games with the exception of Game 5. They all start at 8:09 which appears to be hearkening back to 19-89!!. We should remember that 8+9 = 17, and 17 to the Lord means TOTAL VICTORY. If the total of SEVEN games are played we will have 6 of the number 17, and the 1 of 15.  Fifteen means REST. It is interesting that GAME 5 STARTS AT 8:15 WHICH ADDS UP TO 14 or a 77! That game falls on October 28, 2018. that is a 11-11 in code. 1+2+8 = 11, and 2018 is an 11. Does any of this mean anything? No one knows – but the Lord uses NUMBERS all the time to convey His warnings.


Notice that right next to the sign for the 1989 WORLD SERIES is another sign that says SAFE-WAY. The :Lord only gave us ONE WAY for us to be HOME SAFE. It is called the NARROW WAY. None of this can be coincidental!! It is all by the power of the Lord to warn the world that He is coming back!

Before the game began, the Commissioner of Baseball rolled out a poem for the 1989 World Series, and it has all the marks of THE STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY within it. I doubt he knew it! More on that in another blog.


Remember the 177 days between both the Luna tetrads and Earthquakes? 177 is an interesting number. We could look at it as 1+14 which is a 4-11, a number that shows up all over the place. Today, for example, I got a bill for propane. It added up to $411.89. The very numbers that I have found over and over again. So I had a 4-11 and a 17!! These numbers are pointing out to me personally that something very important to all of us, is rapidly coming at us, but as the song goes, “Something is going on here, but what it is, is not exactly clear”.

By the way, since the beginning of the World Series, earthquakes are all over the place – perhaps a hint as to what we should watch for:


So, as the Lord commanded, WE WATCH.