Best & Taylor Intel Update For 10-22-2018 – Invasion USA

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Trump Activates Military, Martial Law Next?, Hurricanes & Earthquakes


The beginning of this week is filled with news, much of it not being reported on media. Trump has signed a deployment order to protect the border from the invasion of the so-called “caravan”, mostly made up of military age fighting men – and we also know that we have already been infiltrated by the enemies of America is a 5th column operation – just as Jeremiah the prophet said would happen. Martial law may well be the end result of all of this, and if our leaders say this is necessary and it will be rescinded as soon as the “emergency” is over, then we know this is a takeover of the Deep State and is exactly what the Protocols said they would do. Then we have a number of large earthquakes off the coast of Vancouver Island, something mentioned in a prophecy some time ago and then we have a CAT 5 about to strike Mexico and possibly go into the gulf…










3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 10-22-2018 – Invasion USA

  1. Stewart, The overall media coupled with millions of people will enhance the witchcraft type spell in many arena’s. What I am trying to say is, our Father said to think upon good things, He brought this great world into existence by his mouth, his word. I am asking that a word
    We are also told to pray aloud with others.
    Everytime we hear a bad word like these caravan’s I think this bad info, over and over is producing a word of action. This needs to be taken down by our positive words. I am asking that a word or prayer, a talk to The Father on-air to alleviate the negative message/spell. We need to come against this with a word, a word of salvation which means, DELIVERANCE. Thank you, Stewart and Larry, Let’s bond together , all of us in prayer, outloud and ask God’s Spirit to Guide us. Prophecy can come to pass , OR NOT. Prophets come to us so we can hear and TAKE ACTION! It all relies on us, and The word proves this. Love Much, Jerry


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