Best & Taylor News Hour With Scientist Stan Deyo

Middle East, Gaza War, WW3, Trump Coup, American Revolution & More…


Stan Deyo will come on for a short update and his take on what is happening in the Middle East and the coming Gaza War, which could start anytime and lead to WW3. With Israel’s attention focused on Gaza, the Russian, Iranian & Syrian forces could then strike to the North. The situation is extremely volatile, and the timing is right for a massive war – unless cooler heads prevail and the Lord wants further delay. The far left appears to have no restraints and is advocating civil war and ruler against ruler fighting escalates. Earth changes continue with volcanic and earthquake activity on the increase and more…



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3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor News Hour With Scientist Stan Deyo

  1. Thankyou Mr. Best,
    If you a have not heard of “War Drummer Official” please take whatever time you have (which I know you don’t because with your family etc. and writings , reading investigations, time online, your amazing at your age and I pray for more energy for you.) but please take the time to learn of this. He prys with others deep inside, and they tear apart “Q” which is JFKjr.,. JfK’s Cemetary plot is in a Q formation, with Jr’s right there. If you look on YT, The investigations show him there with side by side picture coupling, along with his wife, two rows down. The same smile, the same nose , the same aura. Like him, his nose his teeth, him holding up a B&W van pic. Holding up info that says who he is. His Q posts lead this way. Jr. was a very close friend with Mr. Trump all those formative years. Formative, as in getting ready for NOW!
    Now, if there is time, or do it anyways, please investigate JFK vids at Trump rally’s please.

    Now the war drummer establishes Q info deeper than anyone, he shows that in a yt show ” How the deepstate uses Hollywood starz to secretly communicate – red carpet ” This tells how info is shot to all involved to work in this Detail to bring back the Uranium that was removed from Syrian hands, to as I said bring it back. They have work to do. They, I believe are going to be the ones to plant and bring down Damascus. The depth of Rosenstein and his cohorts as Comey in this is astonishing.
    You will find the lie of the Jetblue aircraft that was stolen by a worker. It was a ruse, a ruse to make the masses believe that it was stolen and he wrecked it. Nope1 It was pre-recorded. It was a white hat op to take down a black-hat op!

    He goes into the missile failed assassination attempt, from a decommissioned submarine that was never scrapped, but used by the dS to do there bidding. The USS Richard B Russell.
    Also a K.Mass girl whom had 6 sites or e-mails that worked for th Ds. She touted years before her plans. Her name K. M. backwards is MK. They used a patsy, one whom was programmed to take a gun and two full clips to meet her. She turned him in to be the Heroine,(Heroin). She then had newspaper write-ups, front-page, (planned) to build her up! Saying she just wanted to hug him!. She tried to find a way to meet him at a rally! They were on to her. They met up with her, she had a chemical death puncture ready, BUT NEVER GOT TO USE IT! Lifetime in hell 4U! Girl.

    Dr. Dave Janda tells of up to 24 so called attempts. Check him out too if you have not.

    But the War Drummer is so full of info, But Stew, I cannot write all this. Too much pain, On Methadone and Lyrica. Neighbors net. Cannot afford. Get 750 mo. Just got it. I actually lived on pipp and FS for 18 years. No money at all. Just blaid in bed hurting, didn’t care. Need prayer. I got Depleted Uranium Poisoning from working with it in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Machining Tank turrets M1A1’s. Then got it topped off with a vaccination 2000 for the flu. 3 weeks later I went further down. Long story. I climbed out some over three years then the kids brought home a sick cat, my daughter just got type 1 diabetes and didn’t want me to rid the cat. Diarrhea everywhere. I cleaned and the mangy cat got better but in two or three weeks I got a fever all weekend, wasn’t ill at all, just hot, weird. Better Monday, went to work. Saturday sick again with 103.2, just like the week before but not ill, just a fever, but I was jerking, my arms and legs. Better by tuesday, and went back to work. Next weekend which was the third weekend in a row I awoke half blind. Boom, It hit my eye nerves for sight and my body nerves. Well now over time from The Tank Plant Depleted Uranium I machined and smelled and dug out with my hands and that Flu shot that set me on a Methadone nightmare and now this other stuff called ” Toxoplasmosis ” (from that Cat), that took out my eyesight and nerves I am at my last wits. I cannot do hardly anything but go grocery shopping. The Doc gives me a small supply of go go medicine so I can take care of my daily needs and my autistic grandson. Sorry. This is how I am writing this enormous letter. Otherwise, Not.

    Thank you for you Love, the internal knowledge one can only know by having an encounter with Love itself, Jesus. Your words are hard, reach deep because they are of Him. gotta go, the boy wants me. Jerry , I love You and as a brother would, as said in his word, I would give You a holy Smacker, Larry no doubt would get two smackers!
    I did not proof read this so beware, oh you already did, forget!


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