Best & Taylor News Hour For 10-3-2018 – Revolution In The Air

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Trouble in the Middle East, Revolution in America and Deceptions Everywhere


Folks, it’s time to duck and cover as George Soros works his evil works to foment revolution in America and take down our Republic and replace with a UN dictatorship. While everyone should pray to not allow this to take place, it seems God is not going to honor the prayers of the people much longer, as long ago I was told NOT pray for America, but rather for God’s people IN AMERICA that they might be protected. I believe it was Jeremiah that was told not to pray for Israel, because she had crossed the line and God was going to move upon her. We are here – do not be deceived – it does not matter if the left vs. the right – it is a dialectic. Trouble in the Middle East, war close at hand…







2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 10-3-2018 – Revolution In The Air

  1. Deeply concerned about that letter you obtained Stewart. Is there any way I could become privy to this letter and or where it can be found. So much to say about this and the Spiritual mindset of the people here. Take care Stewart & Larry, and as always I thank God for your everlasting soul in these last times.


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