Best & Taylor Intel Update For 10-1-2018 – Missiles of October?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Timelines, Wars, Coups, Delusions and What, Me Worry?


It seems that Iran launched at least 8 missiles towards the United States Base in Syria, but insofar as we know, nothing was hit – but it appears that Iran is kicking a sleeping dog, and that might not be the wisest of things to be doing, as it appears from prophecy that the West will attack, over run and all but destroy a number of nations in the Middle East. When this is to occur we do not know, but we can see it is very close at hand unless the Lord Himself stops it. So here we go folks, as the Trump Coup gets hotter, so does the counter-coup!! Israel prepares for full war, but right now all is silent – is it the calm before the storm? BEWARE!







It appears that the radio show on NIGHT SHADOWS with Larry Taylor and Augusto Perez caused a lot of controversy and I received a number of “hot” comments concerning it, and it stirred up folks as to the subject manner. I am now told that someone took it upon themselves to stir up trouble among the brethren and that I had attacked Augusto Perez in a blog I just posted called “PSALM TWO – BELIEVE GOD OR BELIEVE THE LIE”. There was no such attack upon him whatsoever – in fact it was not an “attack” upon anyone, but a difference of sincerely held beliefs regarding President Trump and I expressed that on the show, and elaborated on it in my blog because I wanted to fully back it with Scripture and provide the actual statements of Mark Taylor and Mike Adam. Since when is that an attack upon Augusto, who I regard as a beloved Brother in the Lord?

The blog in question was only to express the fact that if the vision is true, and I never said it was, that we are NOT to put our faith in any MAN, ANYWHERE and because of the time we are in, that dreams or visions have all got to be placed against the Bible and we are not fully doing that! My blog pointed that out. Is that a crime? Are we not allowed to express our differences in opinion? Since when is this an ATTACK upon a brother in the Lord?

Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us that DEEP STATE is to be removed by any world leader anywhere. It tells us instead that GLOBAL DEEP STATE IS TO MAKE WAR WITH and REMOVE THE CHRISTIANS. Trump is DEEP STATE per Psalm Two or God is a liar. The Lord often uses people like Trump to do His will and work out His plan for the STRONG DELUSION AND THE END OF DAYS. We cannot look through our natural eyes and rely upon how things appear OR THINK WITH OUR NATURAL MINDS. We have to rely upon the WORD OF GOD as our only source.

I was referencing MARK TAYLOR who claims to be a prophet, and I do not believe he is a true prophet because he stands in full opposition to Bible prophecy in some areas. I also referenced Mike Adams, who says openly that we are to give Trump full authority under Martial Law, and I was referencing the remarks and comments Augusto made on the show that agreed with both Mark Taylor and Mike Adams, and that is all it was about. I do not agree, pure and simple. Since when is this a “personal attack”?

Augusto gave us some very interesting things to think about. Very interesting and very important things to consider, and that is why I mentioned them in my blog. For example, he said that Satan does not come against Satan, and because Trump is apparently going after DEEP STATE or attacking SATAN’S MINIONS IN DEEP STATE, so how could Trump be “evil”? Good point. However, Satan only APPEARS to be attacking Satan when in fact, according to Psalm Two is only APPEARS THAT WAY. That is what I call slight of hand.

Psalm Two tells us point blank that the KINGS and the RULERS of Earth are ALL TOGETHER in this attack, even if they do not realize it themselves. Satan is a MASTER at slight of hand, duplicity, and a liar and murderer from the beginning. Has anything changed? Mankind is fallen and is easy to deceive. We are being deceived according to Psalm Two if we go along with this martial law plan. This concept has been part of the plan for over a hundred years. To get people to go along with it, you have to introduce chaos, bring in a leader that everyone thinks is great! Antichrist is a deception. I do not think antichrist is Trump. I think that Trump will bring in martial law, but I also think, if he is true blue, he will be eliminated and a much more evil leader will be brought back – and I think that is Obama. If I recall, Augusto as much as said that Trump could be removed and replaced by someone else.

I love Augusto as a brother in Christ. And I apologize to him if he took my blog as a personal attack. I simply do not agree with Mark Taylor, Mike Adams and others on their concepts on Donald Trump and thought I made that clear on the show. I am simply issuing a WARNING that this is not at all what it appears to be through our natural eyes and natural minds. We really need to pay attention and as Jesus told us many times, TO WATCH, to BE AWARE, exactly what Augusto said.

Does that make us enemies? Does that make me an “attacker”? What is going on here? Did I not give him full access to express his opinions? He spoke far more than I did and I love to have guests on my show to do exactly that, and I don’t have to agree with them or what they say. Larry Taylor and I do not always agree. So are we enemies? Larry is free to blog anything he wants concerning anything he wants to speak about. So if he disagrees with me, are we attacking each other? This is ridiculous. The folks that listen to NIGHT SHADOWS are very intelligent biblically orientated people who can make up their minds as to the concepts presented.

Do I not have the right to use my blog to point out my position on a most important subject concerning the RISE OF ANTICHRIST? That he will come in by great stealth, in a way not expected, in a time not expected and a PLACE not expected? Do I not have the right to express my many years of research into this matter and warn people of what the Lord showed me a LONG TIME AGO, many MOONS AGO?

If not, then something is very wrong with the brethren and it is a danger signal when disagreements are considered as personal attacks. Is this a personal attack on Augusto? It never entered my mind! Have we sunk that far down now that any disagreements are a PERSONAL ATTACK UPON SOMEONE because we challenge with Scripture what is said? My blog post only filled in the blanks because I did not take that much time to express my opinion of the Mark Taylor and Mike Adams comments concerning all of this.

If Augusto took that as a personal attack I apologize to him right now and to everyone concerned because this was a sincerely held difference of opinion as to the interpretation of a dream or vision from a lady and how to interpret it. Augusto told his version of it, I opposed it. Steel against steel, what says the Scripture? It is that simple and if we cannot agree to disagree then the brethren in America can only go down the primrose path of eternal ruin.

As to those who stir up trouble among the Brethren, shame on you, for you have allowed Satan to come into you and used you to DEFLECT EVERYONE from a most vital subject and turn it into some thing else, and I have gone through this many times before.

One time when I was holding a seminar series on Satan and how he divides the Christians and causes strife and contention, a real authentically BORN AGAIN Christian women who had entered the strait gate and walked the narrow way unto death and was shown the Divine Love of Christ, judged and reborn. She began to attempt to cancel this series on Satan because, she said, “It was not important and we should not do this, there was no need for it.” She did not show up for some of it. Some time later I got a phone call from and she was in tears. She said she knew that Satan has done that and was simply not on guard to stop it. This is how Satan works, folks!