Best & Taylor Special Report With Augusto Perez

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

American Implosion, Communist Coup, Wars & Bad Tidings From the East



The American people got a good look at what is going on and the total hatred the left has for the right with their behavior at the Kavanaugh hearings yesterday and the cruelty of communists and how they use people to further their agenda to control the world. While this was a coup attempt, something even acknowledged by some in major media, it only appeared to backfire on the left. They have already retrenched and have not altered their course or program one iota. Augusto witnessed a communist take-over and we are fortunate to have him come on to tell us his take of what we have witnessed as the left total destroyed Kavanaugh and could care less about what happens to Mrs. Ford. Both are victims of a carefully planned out coup. This coup will now reach more intensity. What Americans saw yesterday and today gives us a glimpse into the future of America. Meanwhile the Middle East is approaching a total showdown and Israel will survive only by the skin of its teeth and much more…



1 thought on “Best & Taylor Special Report With Augusto Perez

  1. It is so clear Trump is part of the plan to usher in the NWO. The dream Stacey had i believe told much. As just a few days earlier someone else had a dream if Trump, himself evily taking Christians to FEMA camps. Unfortunately so many so called “elects” have been blinded by Trumps game/deception. Trump is a snake in the grass and his forte is drama/chaos while working behind the scenes. The “Peace ” deal IS ALREADY signed. Trump is the king of the Swamp!!!for now.


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