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What we are all watching with the Kavanaugh hearings is what the communists always do when they take down a nation – divide and conquer – set ruler against ruler, authority against authority, citizen against citizen in the hopes of starting a hot revolution within the nation, where the guns come out of the closet, because both sides begin to realize there is no longer any hope of reaching any agreements or working out a solution.

Take notice of the date of this hearing. It is all by design and the people of America, too dumbed down to recognize what is happening  —  it is a 9-11. 9-27-2018. 9+9+11 = 27 or 999 which is an inverted 666, with a hidden 9-11. This was planned a long time ago. None of this is by coincidence, it only appears that way. The reason given for the stated delay was Fords “fear of flying”, which was exposed as a bald-faced lie as Ford travels all over the world by flying frequently. It was delayed to be as 9-11 and a 666 date.

The core communists in our Congress are on both sides of the isle, and they are intent on bringing America down in the following sequence:

  1. Infiltrate silently in all areas of government, politics, religion, education, military and police departments.
  2. Begin the process of destabilization of the nation (divide and conquer).
  3. Through varied and sundry means, take the polarization of the people to its apex. This is what we are now watching on TV news daily.
  4. What people do not realize is that BOTH SIDES are involved in this takedown.
  5. When the time is ripe, the communists increase their calls for more violence, and the right needs to defend itself and a revolution takes a new phase as the nation topples from within. The alternative to this is a huge false flag event, or series of events that are instigated by “mystery” to get the population to WILLINGLY give up their freedoms in exchange for “peace and security.”
  6. Calls for MARTIAL LAW will then be made for the “government” to do something. Once martial law is brought in, exactly as the Protocols stated, the constitution is removed, and the military steps in – and Donald Trump has signed three of these executive orders recently for just that, and there are many more already signed and waiting. More and more calls from the “right” are now being made to do exactly that and to grant President Trump a year or more of absolute power to “drain the swamp” of those attempting to destroy America and bring her down.
  7. If the communists follow their usual “by the book” take down of a nation, we will begin to see “violence in the land”, and then the calls for “law and order” will rise, leading to a full clampdown via martial law. Count on it, it will surely come!
  8. The hearing today has nothing whatever to do with Kavanaugh or his accuser Ford, it is to further drive a wedge between the government and the people, to stir up violent confrontation with only one goal – to suspend the constitution and bring in Martial Law or its equivalent under another name. The American people are being scammed and have no clue what is really going on.


The hearings held displayed the deep lefts (communist) total disregard for all norms of acceptable behavior and proved that there are no limits for communists, and that their motto “the end justifies the means” has been openly displayed for the American people and the world. They do not care how many lives are destroyed as long as they reach their goal of world domination. Do not forget that Deep State is running this scam.

Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi and all the other deep state traitors were revealed for what they really are, and now the division between the right and left will deepen as the “divide and conquer” communist coup takes its final steps. Watch for the left to rachet up their attacks that will become violent. “Violence in the land, ruler against ruler” is now coming to its apex.

Exactly how many weeks or months, or what twists and turns we must go through, or how much more “divisive” events must occur before the nation goes under a military type of government is not yet known, but the timelines of the Bible indicate all of this is very close. The United Nations is a military operation and if it takes over, and its bylaws allow it to actually take-over the United States if civil unrest breaks out.

We are on the verge of destruction, and it will not matter if it comes from the left or the right, we only know that MYSTERY of the Bible is behind all of it, and behind mystery is Satan, the prince and power of the air, the god of this world. What we witnessed on yesterday’s 9-11 hearings was a huge warning to all who had eyes to see and ears to hear! It will not be long before we hear the final cries of “peace and security” and the world will not escape.

The sacrifice of Kavanaugh, his wife and children on the alter of Satan backfired on the deep state and it may take them a few days to recover but they will be back with a vengeance. The stakes are high, for it is about total control of the Earth, and anything and everything will be used or deployed to accomplish it. The Psalm Two boys and girls must now move forward or they will lose everything they have aspired to for many years. They have invested untold trillions of dollars to accomplish this goal and will fight to the death to accomplish it.

Just remember that the Bible tells us who is behind this – the kings and rulers, the rich men, the international bankers and mega global corporations. That includes Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, who have recently begun their digital book burning of any conservative viewpoints. They know that sooner or later, there will come a major uprising, and it does not matter if it comes from a heavily armed LFET or COMMUNIST SIDE or from the RIGHT or CONSERVATIVE SIDE. The only thing that Mystery wants is DIVISION to bring in martial law and to destroy the Republic.

The fourth beast of Daniel is about to rise and come to power. We must likely get involved in a war before we come to any peace agreement between Israel and the other Arab states. I believe that President Trump is part of this plan, and may well be the one who calls for Martial Law to “imprison” the communists and those who have betrayed their nation. However, he is not a Christian, he is a Mason and the two are not at all compatible.

There are any number of ways that this nation can be toppled from within. My personal guess will be via economic catastrophe, engineered “natural disaster” or internal false flag event, or even a combination along with a communist lead internal armed insurrection.

This will be all Trump needs (if still on office) or whoever is in charge at the time, to call for full “biometric identification” card (mark system), internal papers to travel and so on. In other words, a LOCKDOWN OF THE NATION. Trump has NOT removed any of the real internal dangers to the American people laid down by their own government for many years, such as NDAA, FEMA CAMPS, HOMELAND SECURITY, UN CONTROLS, and has not removed the laws to allow the government to round-up anyone it wants for any reason it wants.  In other words, the gutting of our constitution by these laws remains in full force and effect. Remember Congress said and passed laws declaring America a “war zone”. It is all a huge deception. No one will escape this delusion except the Christians who are obedient to the Lord.

Thousands of military type vehicles with the UN symbol on the sides of these white vehicles have been spotted all over the United States, and photographs and video have been taken of them. Why are they here? Because the UN is allowed to take-over and “police” a nation in case of dangerous activity that is a threat to world peace. Remember “peace and security” is the cry of the United Nations.

The items that Trump has gone after internally are mere window dressing to keep the Christian right and the “bill of righters” pleased while in the background, the FULL FORCE OF THE SURVEILLANCE STATE is increasing every single day. China has its “social credits system” and its total “silent weapons for quiet wars” tyrannical police state almost fully deployed there, and it will soon be here. Do not forget Psalm Two, for it is the KINGS AND THE RULERS of the world (no one is exempt here, not even Donald Trump), that have but one TARGET and ONE ENEMY and that is God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The calls being made right now by some in the “conservative right” for Trump to declare full martial law in order to “drain the swamp” are now beginning. I have personally said that Trump, if he really wants to “drain the swamp” would have to declare martial law to accomplish it. He would also have to have the military and police and sheriff departments on his side as well. However, it is a most dangerous thing to put that much power in the hands of one person, which is testified to by all of the “executive orders” out there that give Trump the power to totally take over the United States, all private property, food, vehicles and round up any and all who might resist. What happens if Trump decides the Christians are not for him anymore? Something to think about, right?

The calls for martial law are being touted as a “necessary and good thing” and Americans should not be afraid of it and should openly support it! Trump is a good man with a good heart and would never betray the people. Really? Or let’s say something happens to Trump and the next ruler takes the helm and is a diabolical man? Like perhaps Obama? What then?

Trump is a Mason. His penthouse in New York is full of Apollyon art and statues, as well as his love for gold. Remember ancient Babylon and the gold statue? Insiders claim that Trump was to be installed instead of Hillary back in 2013 by Deep State. Have you ever wondered why James Comey, the head of the FBI, did what he did in openly accusing Hillary Clinton of crimes but then said he would not prosecute?  It was done to destroy her attempt to become President and get Trump in, because deep state WANTED TRUMP IN to bring in the CHAOS of Mystery and bring Israel up for the final “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.” THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGTHER. We are watching the enemies of Christ coming to the fore, of MYSTERY and her cup of iniquity to the full. These “leaders” are in this together, most of them are friends and party together as has been witnessed many times!

Why, with all of the evidence of criminality as with people like Hillary, Obama, Bill Clinton, and all the rest of them still walking around? Why have there been no Grand Juries called? Why have there been no indictments? Why have there been no arrests of the “real criminals’? All we have been hearing for the last two years that it is “coming”. Now that cry “it is coming” is growing louder. But who is it that is really going to be rounded up? What are all of these “laws” that allow for anyone to be arrested really for? The Bible tells you it will be “God’s Anointed.”

Ever since Trump has come into power, there has been nothing but chaos from Deep State. They obstruct, delay, refuse to cooperate.  It was planned that way. We somehow think that the “two party system” of Democrat and Republican is working now. There has never been a two-party system in America, it only appears that way. It is a ONE PARTY SYSTEM WITH TWO HEADS, and it does not matter if the left or the right wins, each so-called party keeps us going into the NEW WORLD ORDER. The goal is PSALM TWO and the seating of ANTICHRIST upon the world throne.

What makes people think that Trump is somehow different and will save America? He is not here to save America, he is here to JUDGE AMERICA, and guess who are also going to be in line for this judgment? What does Psalm Two say? It is the Lord and His people. This so-called “collision” between the left and right has long been planned.

There is something very wrong here, and I must alert Christians that they are about to be played for the fool by supporting Trump or anyone else in bringing in martial law to America. The call will be made that this is THE ONLY WAY to put America back on track.  IT IS A TRAP. People need to read the non-existent PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. What is happening in America is exactly what the Protocols would engineer to happen and once the American people gave up their freedoms, they would NEVER be given back. Once in full power, as in the days of Hitler, Trump could turn upon the people of America and the red lists of the deep state will be brought to the fore, and with no warning.

When one examines what laws have been “kept” and how the surveillance state is increasing rapidly all around us, there is only one valid conclusion. The system of the BEAST is almost upon us. Be on guard, be alert, and don’t be fooled as to what is coming upon America. The land of the free and the home of brave is about to be destroyed, and the vast majority of the American people will applaud it without realizing they not only signed their own death warrants, they financed it as well.

Now here is a recent prophecy everyone needs to read, along with an interpretation that appears to be DEAD ONE TARGET. BEWARE!



“Then a man turned around to look at me and I saw our President Donald Trump!”



Z3er Stacey shared the following interesting dream today.

I have sat on this for two years and prayed often over its’ meaning and what I was shown. You must understand this was so out of my natural league and politics were not my cup of tea, so to speak.

I was given this dream in early 2016 when the candidates for the office of President were really beginning to step up the pace. At that time, no nominee was even close to being named and they were still traveling and making their speeches.

In this dream, I was a normal housewife with a husband and son. I actually have three grown daughters and an adoptive son. The setting was your normal ‘Leave it to Beaver’ type of neighborhood. My husband had gone to work and it was afternoon.

Then the scene changed and I began to hear shouting outside and screams of fear and wailing. As I went to the window to look, I saw what looked like armed military men in uniforms with helmets on their heads and shields. I watched as they were going door to door pulling people out of their homes as though they were looking for individuals. I can still hear and see the children crying and the fear in their eyes. I saw big military trucks rolling down the streets and stopping to load individuals into the back. I knew martial law had been declared!

I knew they would take my husband’s keys from him as soon as he drove in from work in his red truck, but somehow they missed him and he still had his keys. I felt fearful as I watched, but a peace swept over me as I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “I have you. I am protecting you. Listen to My voice and I will lead you to safety.”

When my husband came in, I said to him and my son, “Grab your backpacks. Grab as much food and water as possible.”

We could not bring much with us because we were all going to ride in the cab of the truck. My husband asked me, “Where are we going?”

I replied, “I don’t know. “The Lord said to listen to His voice and He will guide us.”

As we quickly got into the truck and drove off, I remembered saying to myself,
“They didn’t see us. No one saw us!”

As we began to drive, the road was winding and moving in an upward direction. As we reached the top, there was a huge mountain covered with beautiful scenery. The mountain opened up and we drove in and watched it close down behind us. Then I said, “We are safe. This is the Mountain of the Lord!”

I asked the Lord, “Father, who is doing this?”

Then a man turned around to look at me and I saw our President Donald Trump!

End of dream.

When I woke up, I was breathing hard and I said to the Lord, “What was that? What are you showing me?”

I asked, “Is he the antichrist?” But that thought left me as I continued praying into it.

When I had this dream in 2016, my husband was driving a white company truck back and forth to work. Then two weeks after this dream, his company reissued the truck and he began driving his red truck to work!


This is Stacey’s dream and she surely has her own ideas about what it means, but in the email she sent me today, she wrote, “I welcome your insight and anything you could share.” So the following is my own interpretation.

I believe Stacey’s dream is a true revelation from God, warning His people to be on the alert, paying close attention to what is now happening because God wants His people to see trouble coming while it is still a long way off so we are not led astray and caught off guard. (Proverbs 22:3) I believe what she saw goes way beyond martial law coming to America. It sounds more like civil war waged by the U.S. government against the American people, confirming many other previous warnings.

This dream is especially interesting since President Trump appears in it. I believe every detail of prophetic dreams are important clues and given for a specific purpose, so we should study closely, just as we do when we study scripture verses because the same God who speaks through His written word also speaks to us through dreams and visions.

I think one important clue is President Trump’s identity was revealed to Stacey immediately after she asked God, “Father, who is doing this?” This seems to clearly identify him as the one leading these events.

Another clue is President Trump’s identity was revealed as he turned around. This might indicate he is going to appear to be going one way and as long as he continues moving in that direction, he will not be suspected of being part of anything like this, but in a moment he suddenly and surprisingly turns around and changes his direction, facing in a new direction, and this happens at the same time the U.S. military launches their campaign rounding up citizens, but by then it is too late for the American people to do anything about it.


Another important point revealed in this dream is Stacey did not see any violent acts committed by the American people. All the violence came from the U.S. military as they were going door to door dragging American citizens out of their homes and loading them onto trucks. So, what Stacey saw appears to go way beyond martial law, which is only required to protect citizens from dangers caused by violence and lawlessness. She saw military actions that went far beyond far beyond that. Their actions were hostile and disturbing, causing great fear and weeping. Stacey felt that fear and witnessed the weeping. There was no due process, no legal protections normally granted to U.S. citizens. This sounds like our own military was waging war against the American people, all under the direction of President Trump. We can only speculate about where the trucks were taking people, but it does not sound like it was a good place.


Many have put their hope in President Trump because God has been using him to confront unrighteousness in our land. However, we must be on guard against putting our trust in any man because things are not always what they appear to be. God is the only trustworthy friend we have. Trusting in anyone else opens us up to dangers of being misled and deceived.

This dream is also a word of encouragement to the righteous, confirming God’s many scriptural promises to protect those who walk uprightly before Him. Although there was great trouble all around, Stacey and her family were supernaturally protected. Her husband’s keys were not taken. Their car was not seen as they drove away. And the mountain of the Lord opened up and provided them with a safe refuge. That same kind of protection and provision does not belong to the unrighteous, but it is the inheritance of everyone who walks uprightly before God, as shown in these promises.

The prudent sees the evil and hides himself, but the naive go on, and are punished for it. (Proverbs 22:3)

Yahweh shall cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you; they will come out against you one way and will flee before you seven ways (Deuteronomy 28:7).

You will have much misery and distress, but Yahweh will deliver you from all of it and will strip all of it off of you (amplified from Hebrew words raah, natsal, and tsarah in Psalm 34:17 and 19).

The righteous cry, and Yahweh hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. (Psalm 34:17)

Yahweh will not leave you in the hands of the wicked who seek to kill you (Psalm 37:32-33).

Yahweh will make a way of escape for you so you can slip away into a safe place (amplified from Hebrew word palat in Psalm 37:40).

God protects you like a shield. (amplified from Hebrew word mginnah in Proverbs 2:7)

When a storm passes by, you will not perish, but will remain standing because you have a firm foundation that lasts forever. (amplified from Hebrew words yesod and olam in Proverbs 10:25)

You will be snatched away from trouble so that you are rescued and delivered. (amplified from Hebrew word nasal in Proverbs 11:6)

The righteous are delivered from trouble, but the wicked takes his place. (Proverbs 11:8)

No harm befalls the righteous, but the wicked are filled with trouble. (Proverbs 12:21)






Best & Taylor Special Report With Augusto Perez

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

American Implosion, Communist Coup, Wars & Bad Tidings From the East



The American people got a good look at what is going on and the total hatred the left has for the right with their behavior at the Kavanaugh hearings yesterday and the cruelty of communists and how they use people to further their agenda to control the world. While this was a coup attempt, something even acknowledged by some in major media, it only appeared to backfire on the left. They have already retrenched and have not altered their course or program one iota. Augusto witnessed a communist take-over and we are fortunate to have him come on to tell us his take of what we have witnessed as the left total destroyed Kavanaugh and could care less about what happens to Mrs. Ford. Both are victims of a carefully planned out coup. This coup will now reach more intensity. What Americans saw yesterday and today gives us a glimpse into the future of America. Meanwhile the Middle East is approaching a total showdown and Israel will survive only by the skin of its teeth and much more…