Best & Taylor Update For 9-25-2018 – Super Powers Collision?




Best & Taylor Update For 9-25-2018 – Super Powers Collision?Israel & Russia Face Off, Trump Coups, Volcanic Activity Growing

As we approach the beginning of Daniel’s lost week, it seems that the nations named prophecy are going into alignment – mush more rapidly than some thought – and now with the Russian-Israeli confrontation developing rapidly, Isaiah 17 is coming into view along with Daniel 8 and Ezekiel 38 & 39. The United States will be brought into this because of Trump and his commitment to Israel – in fact Bibi is (if not there already) coming to New York to speak to Trump concerning the Russian trap that Putin has placed Israel in. And then we have an almost Super Volcano in Iceland that may go off at any time – indeed, things are lining up for Earth to be in serious trouble, as both Israel and Earth appear to be going into travail!