Best & Taylor Special Report – Unleashing The Dogs Of War -9-23-2018

Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CDT


Russia & Israel Collide, Trump At UN, Nations Gather in Middle East, At The Razor Edge Of WW3


As the world awaits the “Deal of the Century” speech of Trump at the UN, which many believe is the long-awaited Peace Agreement to be made with “many”, the Dogs of War appear to in a near frenzy as Russia encircles Israel and forbids flights out of Israel, and warns Israel about any more strikes in Syria. Israel rejects such “rules” and says the strikes and air operations will continue. Inasmuch as we know what Psalm Two says, this all appears to be a scripted “escalation” of events to bring in the war(s) leading Ezekiel 38/39 and the take-down of America-Babylon. Meanwhile, earth changes accelerate, solar anomalies continue, The Deep State coup continues, and Washington is under siege. Is the implosion of America to begin now? Are we about to enter a “Red October” and the “missiles of October”?