Best & Taylor News Update – 9-21-2018

Night Shadows Tonight at 7:00 PM CDT

Chaos, Rumors, Rising Insanity, Wars & Rumors of War & Ruler Against Ruler


The Storm Is Coming – Are You Ready?

It is an interesting and very sad thing to watch how the communists infiltrate, destabilize and then cause revolution within their targeted nation and then take it over and destroy it. Inasmuch as Satan is the author of communism, and is himself a destroyer we know who is behind all of this – which could not happen without total defection from the real truth. The American people are ripe for a take-down, and the Lord is going to allow it for He has given us SIGN AFTER SIGN AFTER SIGN and yet, not one word invoking the thought of REPENTANCE. Apparently the, America must be destroyed, for if there is no repentance, there is no salvation, there is no rescue and more…



1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Update – 9-21-2018

  1. Thank you for the radio update.

    I listened to an Anthony Patch interview with an engineer (a professed Christian) who stated that 5G was the final piece necessary for total control, including the need for 5G for driverless vehicles:

    [Youtube: “Engineering & A.I. with Sidney Burns, P.E. | The Anthony Patch Show, Ep#79”].

    Interestingly, Trump signed an executive order this past January (2018) that accelerates 5G deployment in RURAL areas, and to quote from the article re: “dark fiber:”

    “…the Trump Administration will also seek to increase rural broadband deployment to make use of federally-owned ‘DARK FIBER,’ or fiber that has been laid but is not currently in use…”
    [CAPS mine].

    God bless.


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