Best & Taylor Intel Update for 9-19-2018 – Sudden Destruction

Trump, Putin, Syria, No Fly Zones and SunSpot Still A Mystery


Deep State will not willingly allow Trump to declassify documents that will all but indict their members – and so the stalling and reasons why these cannot be released “right away” will only intensify. The other problem with this is the real possibility of a major false flag event of some type that will derail all of these “investigations” and close them down. Then we have Putin who has just established a new NO FLY ZONE over Syria and that means a direct confrontation between the USA, Israel, France and the UK who are aiding the rebels in Idlib. So it deepens. The mystery of SUNSPOT observatory also deepens with new knowledge as AURA, it is said, actually runs all the other observatories that suddenly went off line – and no one knows why. New news may answer PART of those questions and the answers may relate directly to a warning from the Lord…