Best & Taylor Intel Update For 9-17-2018 – Solar Storms?

Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CDT

Solar Anomalies, Kill Shots, Nuke Plant Shutdown, National Com Test Delayed!



In this short update, we will venture deeper into the Sun Spot mystery and the likelihood of a solar EMP in the next few weeks or month. Remember that Major Ed Dames, AKA as “Dr. Doom” said that a series of EMP’s would strike the earth and kill millions of people. It was seen in their remote viewing sessions, and Dames has never retracted it, to the contrary, has reinforced it. Then we have Cliff High and the “bots” concerning “Sun disease” and that Sun would begin to become very anomalous. We have an unveted account of an “emergency” in a nuclear plant in North Carolina that took a direct hit from Florence. The Trump nationwide communications test has been delayed and more…





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