Best & Taylor News Update For 9-16-2018 – On The Edge

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Middle East War, Putin, Trump, Deep State, Florence, Solar Anomalies & Trumpets…


There appears to be a continuing escalation in the Syrian conflict as more and more troops and military weapons pour into the Syrian conflict – and any pause appears to be that Russia is going to open corridors of escape for all civilians in order to prevent mass slaughter of civilians. Anyone associated with the military will simply be liquidated – and that includes American soldiers if they interfere in any way with Russia’s operations – the mystery of the shut-down of 7 solar observatories is getting deeper by the day with “insiders” claiming a number of different reasons. No one really knows! Volcanic activity is increasing slowly around the world as well and so far, there appears to be no way to vet the photographs of the Sun with massive UFO activity beside it. Then we have the real possibility that the Feast of Trumpets is not until October 10th, and more…










1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Update For 9-16-2018 – On The Edge

  1. What if the new moon is actually the FULL moon ? Lots of evidence for this, though I am not 100%-convinced.

    Therefore, Lord willing, I will also watch September 25-26th as the possible true feast of trumpets.

    Thanks for the update…God bless.


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