Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-14-2018 With Guest Augusto Perez

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Border Invasions, Florence, Tower of Voices, 666, UFO’s & The Arrival


Stewart, Larry & Augusto round table – seems that the news changes by the hour, as America is once again being hit with Florence, which has all but stalled, dumping trillions of pounds of water upon an already saturated area. It seems odd to me that right after Trump dedicated the “Towers of Voice (Babel)” with all of its 6’s, that now we appear to be reaping the fruits of deep state occultism. Remember antichrist (the destroyer), comes in AS A FLOOD. Florence, which means to blossom, is perhaps a reference to the incoming New World Order, and the next few months should be very interesting indeed. And then today we see video of fully armed military men coming across our wide-open borders and no one is stopping them. Jeremiah told us all about it – but this is obviously out in the full open view and the American people sleep on. Then we have NASA release a picture of deep space, never seen before, that shows a huge serpent – now why would they do that? and Iceland volcanic activity seems to be coming and much more…







1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-14-2018 With Guest Augusto Perez

  1. Stewart,
    Last on Night Shadows Augusto made a comment about how amateur astronomers need to gather information about what the strange objects around the sun could be. Remember!!! On the Appearance podcast from 01/19/2018 Gill Broussard said that amateur astronomers would get into trouble with the authorities if they spread information concerning these type of situation. Just a heads up! Give it another mention or get Gill on asap!

    Brother Dan


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