Best & Taylor Intel Update For 9-13-2018 – Arrival Soon?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Solar Anomalies, UFO’s By The Sun, Florence Stalls, Solar Web Cams Go Dark


A very strange event has occurred as 6+ solar observatory web cams have gone dark – taken off line with no explanation given – at the same time that a number of very strange objects have appeared near the Sun – and no one knows what they are or why they are there – is this tied to the ARRIVAL? It seems strange also that federal authorities were summoned at least one of these solar observatory incidents. Then we have the war in the Middle East that appears to be getting under way, with more and more military assets from around the world gathering there – is this somehow connected to Dr. Doom and his remote viewing team? Florence on a water dumping rampage and has all but stalled just off the coast – and no one really knows where it will go next. Odd that FEMA ran the same concept a few month ago in the same location – and more…