Best & Taylor Important Update For 9-9-2018


Lot’s Of Stuff You Need To Know – Can’t Say More Right Now – Important


OK, many YouTube channels being taken down – many voices silenced, communication going dark in key areas of the world and the timeline of all of this could be far more important than any of us know at this point. This is a short update to fill you in on a number of areas that could become hot topics in the near future. Just wanted to give you a heads up and notice it is at 8:00 PM and the usual 7 PM. Hope you can take the time to tune in and hear about some strange happenings around the world.








2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Important Update For 9-9-2018

  1. Have mercy on us who are still seeking….Please make a way somehow for us to see your face before the reset button is pushed. Thank you Stewart for your hard work. There are some who love the truth, please keep us in your prayers during these times


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