Why Is Everyone Ignoring September 11, 2018? – A FINAL WARNING

Except for a few YouTube videos and few, if any articles, are warning the Church about the upcoming 9-11-2018 and what this could well mean for the entire Christian Church, let alone the whole world. The signs in the cosmos have been many, as I have outlined a number of times in the Prophetic Insider, on this site, ON NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO, and elsewhere – generally it has been mocked and cast aside with a “no man knows the day or the hour” of the return of the Lord, and so it goes.

Even since 1897 and forwards, many a cosmic sign has been shown to us, and from the 21 fragments of a comet impacted Jupiter in 1994 the signs have increased rapidly. Then we had another huge sign with the two comets that formed a cross of the star Algol, Satan’s head in 1996 and 1997. From then on the Lord has been warning us that the time of our visitation was getting very close.

However, the concept that we cannot know the day or the hour is not true, nor biblical. The Bible tells us that THAT DAY will NOT overtake the WATCHING CHRISTIAN AS A THIEF if we are watching, if we are connecting the dots, if we are         WIDE AWAKE. Jesus Christ told us that IF WE DID NOT WATCH, WE WOULD NOT KNOW THE HOUR OF HIS RETURN. That means if we do watch, we will know the DAY and the Hour of His return.  Look it up for yourself if you do not believe it. It is a LIE that the Christian cannot know, and it a lie designed to keep you sleeping. We know therefore, that IF WE ARE REALLY WATCHING, and are connecting all of the dots, and when we see cosmic, and earthly signs and events, especially what is going on in Israel, that we should know the times and the seasons. But Paul and Jesus tell us that the FEAST OF TRUMPETS, on any given year, are the FINAL DAY AND HOUR before the START OF THE END. The question is WHAT FEAST OF TRUMPETS, and HOW CAN WE KNOW WHICH ONE?

Signs are given to us for a reason. Signs are warning signs. They appear before the main event – such a BRIDGE OUT, 1 MILE AHEAD. It does no good to put a sign AFTER! The warning signs will appear in the heavens, on the earth, in Israel, in war, in technology, in timelines, and in political affairs and alignments of the nations. THEY ARE ALL HERE, ALL CONVERGING. However, all of that being said, ONLY A FEW will notice them, because only a FEW have done as the Lord commanded them. “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say…” rings in my ears. That remark is likewise a huge WARNING.

In other words, there will have been many, many SIGNS, TIMELINES and events converging that all will point to a specific FEAST OF TRUMPETS that all eyes should be upon. The Bible says only those watching will understand. Even those who claim they are watching appear to be in either unbelief or denial. “We have seen all of this before!” They say.  “It means nothing, and those who say it does are either stupid or just alarmists!” And so it goes, on and on…

No man knows the day or the hour is actually a direct reference to a FEAST OF TRUMPETS, an APPOINTED TIME. Antichrist rises AT AN APPOINTED TIME. Israels 70th week STARTS AT AN APPOINTED TIME. Israel will enter 2019 on September 10th if the New Moon is sighted then. That is why no one knows the day or the hour, because Israel must SIGHT THE NEW MOON and that can be delayed if Israel cannot spot it on the predicted date. We saw this in 2015, when the New Moon was not sighted until two days later than it should have been.

However, many people are getting visions or dreams that the end of the Church Age is very close indeed, and that the Church is asleep at the switch. There are those who claim the Church will be brought totally awake for a great and grand revival before the Church is removed. I find no such revival in the Bible. I do find a FAKE revival and I find a guillotine revival. I find instead that the apostate and very wicked Church is full of self-righteousness, full of arrogance and self-satisfaction and that it is under a horrendous deception. It is also UNSAVED, and it is NOT going to heaven, but rather is destined for eternal ruin. This is a Church totally blind to its real position before the Lord. Those warnings are everywhere. They are poor, blind, naked and in dire need of a redeemer.

Will that Church wake up? I do not find that in the Scripture. What I find is A STRONG DELUSION for an apostate hell-bound Church because the Lord said He was going to “pick their delusions” for those who refused to “hear the Lord”. Elsewhere it says that those that had not laid hold of Jesus Christ, that is, searched Him out and FOUND HIM, i.e., ask, seek, knock, strive, labor, seek after wisdom and understanding with all of your whole heart, seek after her as a hidden treasure! Not only is this denied by almost all in our modern so-called “Christian” Church, it is ridiculed and scorned. It is the total fulfillment of prophecy.

This Church thinks that the Lord will somehow keep extending the deadline of the Church Age because it is NOT READY. These are SNOWFLAKE CHRISTIANS, who have no clue Satan has them firmly in his grips. Further, they say, Trump is the answer for America and Trump will lead us and the world into a new golden age. He will save America, he will bring us back and make America Great Again. Meanwhile Obama and the communist hordes are laying in the weeds as snakes and will strike with no warning. Obama will be back, he will be back. People really need to really investigate Donald Trump and his love of APPOLLO and GOLD. Trump is a trafficker, a DEAL MAKER.

I was under the impression that Christians were told by the Lord to NOT PUT THEIR TRUST IN MAN, BUT ONLY IN GOD. You will find that remark in Psalm 118:8 – the exact middle of the Bible. Jesus Christ is always “in the midst.” Trump is a man. Obama is a man. No man will save this Earth because mankind is FALLEN, FALLEN, and Babylon America is ALSO FALLEN, FALLEN. Do you not understand?  The last days are nothing but total deception, the truth lies in the streets, trodden underfoot, mocked at.

It is also very interesting that Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm in the Bible. Hmmm, let’s see, Psalm 119 is a 9-11 in reverse. It is all about Jesus Christ, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, the one that walks in the “midst of the Candlesticks of the SEVEN CHURCHES”. Why do you suppose Psalm 119 is positioned as it is?

Now if Christ is also the  END, the LAST and OMEGA POINT, does that not infer a SUDDEN and totally unexpected END, that is SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, which is, without doubt coupled directly to the removal of the BRIDE OF CHRIST? Does that imply more and more time, a moving of the end goal post, over and over again because the Church is “not ready”? NO. In point of fact, the early Church taught that there was definitive time for this age and an appointed time for its end. It is now here

Jesus Christ clearly gave the Church totally clear instructions on how one gets saved. He said it over and over again so no one could mistake his clearly laid out instructions. He also told us a that a group of PREACHERS, TEACHERS, EVANGELISTS and PROPHETIC TEACHERS would introduce a false salvation gospel, that looked right and sounded right but it was a lie, a deception, because it omitted the KEY INSTRUCTIONS OF JESUS CHRIST, which I have been warning about for over 25 years now. I have been called every name in the book because of it. I am an “anathema” for today’s Church, cast out, and as Jesus told me long ago, “tell the truth and I will take care of the consequences”, And so He has.

In point of fact, the actual Words of Jesus Christ have been redacted, removed, omitted by the fakes out there. How long do you think the Lord will tolerate all of this? How long will He allow His Son’s Word to be trampled under-foot? How does one call themselves a Christian but refuse the Words of the Lord? How does one claim they stand upon every Word of the Bible and then turn around and redact most of it? The Lord does have great and unfathomable LOVE, and MERCY, and LONG SUFFERING, but He has also clearly said there is an OMEGA point, and I personally believe we are about to reach it.

The false prophets are telling us “peace, peace, when there is no peace”. Our world leaders are all saying PEACE AND SECURITY, PEACE AND SAFTEY, and that America has a new golden age of great prosperity and safety for many years yet. It has always surprised me that the end is FOREVER IN THE FUTURE, and NEVER ARRIVES. It is like sin, it always lays at the feet of somewhere else, never ourselves. It reminds me of the two men in the Temple, where one is saying to himself that he is so happy he is not like the other, and the other man beats upon his chest, crying, who cannot even lift up his eyes and says he is unworthy to be even be in the Temple, let alone ask the Lord for anything. Which one is our Church today?

I am warning you to be AWARE OF 9-11-2018. There really is an OMEGA POINT. There really is a SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. There really have been MANY, MANY SIGNS, BOTH COSMIC and EARTHBOUND, all pointing to 9-11-2018 as the END OF SOMETHING and the BEGINNING OF SOMETHING ELSE.

There really are TIME-LINES. The Lord has used them many times before. When Jesus came to the world, the world KNEW IT NOT. They could have, right to the day, had they been watching, had they applied Scripture warnings. When Jesus came to Jerusalem, they KNEW NOT WHO HE WAS. When Jesus came to His own OMEGA POINT on the Cross, the world KNEW NOT what they had done. Darkness fell.

The WORLD TODAY knows not that SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMETH and they will NOT ESCAPE. The concept that the Christian cannot know the day or the hour of the return of Christ is false, because that remark is totally based upon THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS, because it begins with the new moon being sighted and no one really knows when that will be. And no one knows at what watch the THIEF WILL COME because the world is round, which means He will come at all watch times depending upon where you live.

I find it interesting that 120 years ago the foundations of modern Israel were laid with the first Jewish Congress. 120 means DIVINE PERIOD OF PROBATION. It is further most interesting that from May 14th, 2018 when Israel turned 70 years, that it is exactly 120 DAYS to 9-11-2018. The number 120 is showing up in many places, all of them timelines. The number 70 means ISRAEL’S RESTORATION. It is called the “The times of the Restitution”. I could go on for another 1000 items but the deaf cannot hear, and the blind cannot see.

I believe that the Church got its ONE YEAR WARNING with the star sign on 9-23-2017, complete with TWO COMETS, or TWO WITNESSES. That was a valid SIGN. It was also totally misunderstood at the time as to what it really meant. Folks like SCOTTY CLARK were ridiculed and mocked not only before but after that sign by the so-called prophecy experts, who have taken the seats of honor in the Church, along with the other apostates. “Where is the promise of His Coming?” They asked. Now more and more are saying that Christ never existed, it is a made-up fairy-tale. Really? They are about to find out otherwise.

Most are not aware that FEAST OF TRUMPETS, that is 9-11-2018, also has a very special COMET  WITH IT. We got a verily, verily on the 9-23-2017 STAR SIGN, and now we get another “verily” with this Feast. Coincidence? This comet has a 666 written all over it, and a 777 as well. Three strikes and you are out. It is also interesting that one full gentile 365 year falls on the start of Tabernacles!

One of those warning about this has pointed out that all the cosmic signs for key dates CEASE for a number of years which is interesting. Meanwhile of course, American-Babylonians are watching their nation totally implode with ruler against ruler, and authority against authority being shown on all major TV networks for the entire nation and world to see. Obama has come pout again in full force, saying America does not need a Messiah!  It is not coincidental either. The Lord is warning us. Is anyone paying attention?

I believe we have been given a 7 DAY WARNING with the 6.7 earthquake that struck on September 5th. It was another of many warnings that the end approaches. Psalm 119 is a most interesting Psalm and the fact that it points directly at  9-11-2018 is not a coincidence. We have had Luna Tetrads, Solar eclipses, Super Blood Moons, all falling on key days with key timelines all pointing to 9-11-2018.

The numbers 9-11, 9-23 and 11:11 along with 77, 777, 7777, 666 are showing up as well. Then we have 42, 47, 50, 70, 80, etc all pointing to 9-11-2018, and the church sleeps on. The real gospel of Jesus Christ and how one ACTUALLY gets saved has now been hidden away, and the Lord’s commands and comments have been redacted by Satan and all of his dupes within the Church. Peter told us the modern salvation gospel is a total fake, a half-truth, which makes it a total lie. He even told us why, yet it too is ignored.  Then of course Jesus Himself told us why the millions or even billions of Christians during the Church age are lost and going to ruin as well. He even told WHO THEY WERE and all of this is totally ignored.

So here we are. The watchmen are tired. The Church remnant appears to have gone asleep. The Lord has tarried, He did not come as expected on 9-23-2017. Not much is being said about this Feast of Trumpets on 9-10-2018 and the LAST TRUMPET BLAST ON 9-11-2018, which also gives us a reason to suspect that something major is about to take place. Is it the taking of the Bride of Christ as a few are claiming? Is it the beginning of a global economic collapse? Will there be a huge earthquake? An EMP attack? After all, Babylon is told by the Lord to go SILENT (no communications) and to go into DARKNESS (EMP attack) OR some other total loss of electrical power. In other words, THE LIGHTS GO OUT.

The Bride of Christ, the Church, is to go to a SEVEN DAY (7 YEAR) WEDDING. She must go before the BEMA seat judgment and make herself ready for the GREAT WEDDING FEAST. All of this takes place at the Father’s House.  She must go through the GATEWAY, the PORTAL, the DOOR to get there. She must be resurrected first. One of names for Trumpets is RESURRECTION. Her mortality must be replaced by immortality, she must be changed, and snatched away in a violent removal from the danger that will come upon all the unbelievers, the mockers and the scoffers.

It is most interesting that one of the names or idioms used for the Feast Of Trumpets is THE OPENING OF THE GATES. Will this Feast of Trumpets OPEN THE GATES as is said in Revelation Chapter 4? Is the Church Age about to close with the DOOR BEING OPENED AND THEN SHUT as the last of the Gentiles comes in? If so, MANY WILL BE LEFT OUTSIDE, crying to get in.

Why is it that 9-11-2018 is NOT on the radar screen of the PROPHETIC PEOPLE out there, with the exception of a few? Good question. On Tuesday, 9-11-2018, the THIRD DAY OF THE WEEK, we may have our answers, or soon after, say at Tabernacles. Look up the concept of the THIRD DAY. It means resurrection. Why is THIS Feast of Trumpets is falling so that the LAST TRUMPET is blown on the THIRD DAY? Something is coming. It is SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. Are you ready? Is anyone really ready? Can any of us really grasp what all of this may mean?

I doubt it, but I don’t want your blood on my hands. I am shouting from the watchtower, GET READY, GET READY, WAKE UP! WAKE UP! FOR YOUR VISITATION IS NIGH AT HAND.

There will be no NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO PROGRAM until SUNDAY because of other plans. Take care, heads up, the Lord Loves You and wants you to be ready, and indeed Tuesday, THE THIRD DAY may be a day the entire would will take notice of. IF NOT, 2019 will be a very interesting year for EVERYONE ON EARTH.