Best & Taylor Flash Update 8-26-2018 – Solar Storm & Rumors Of War

Sun Anomalies, Israeli War Drums, Russia & China War Games and more…


Things appear to be heating up very fast, and in America the hate Trump spirit rises up to a fever pitch, Senator McCain passes away,  Trump disinvited to the funeral- communist comrades Hillary and Obama to speak, showing total disrespect for the office of President – and then we have a very strange anomaly going on in the Sun which may well lead to the infamous KILL SHOT of Dr. Doom. On top of that, as we rush towards the Feast of Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles we hear that Trump may introduce “THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY” at the United Nations on the 2nd day of Tabernacles – that is also known as THE PEACE AGREEMENT between Israel and “many”. Then of course, we have the Russian/China military exercise and 5 Russian missile cruisers coming into the area with their new super speed missile that no one can stop and more…




2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Flash Update 8-26-2018 – Solar Storm & Rumors Of War

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  2. I’ve been reading the latest on these items of interest / current events at and apparently Medved boarded the Doomsday plane Thursday and as you mention, Russo-Sino military exercises ramped up, the Russian Central Bank divested itself of US$, and met with Merkel so that now Germany is probably going to follow suit, Australia bucked the leftists out, and put in a conservative govt. Trump met with top QAnon associate at WH. etc.


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