Best & Taylor New Hour – 8-24-2018 – Comet 21P (777)

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Signs, Everywhere Signs, Trump Coup, Kim Deception, Wars & Rumors Of War


A very tiny comet is closing in upon Earth and will be closest to Earth on Feast of Trumpets, September 10th. It is a GREEN COMET that comes by every 6.6 years – and it is the parent of the Draconid meteor showers. Then on October 9-10th FOUR meteor shows all combine which might be a real show in the heavens. 21P is obviously another major SIGN in the heavens as we draw close to the time of Jacob’s trouble and the possible rapture of the Church. Then we have the communists rising up in full strength to impeach Trump and bring the nation under full communist rule. Kim of North Korea has doubled down on his missile and nuclear testing – meanwhile the hatred of Israel as expressed in the Psalms in almost complete – remember SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMETH when no one was aware – and indication of a EARLY SURPRISE to the Earth of some form of cosmic or supernatural event and more…







3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor New Hour – 8-24-2018 – Comet 21P (777)

  1. FWIW: when I first heard the “snake poem” I thought Trump was talking about himself. Never thought about Obama. Interesting…

    As to “lady:”

    Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms. (Isa 47:5)

    Also wondering if Trump (including Pence/trump-pence) might be the Pied Piper on the cover of the 2015 Economist magazine. Note the “snake” shoe/foot (also seen in its reflection). Turn the whole cover upside down and the “snake” looks like it has blood pouring out of its “mouth:”

    Thank God for the radio show and updates. God bless…


  2. Awesome work and research lately. Love your words. Preach it, the truth Brother, Oh, Larry too no doubt! Look up!


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