Best & Taylor News Update For 8-15-2018 – Babylon Down

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USA/Babylon Coup, Deep State, Obama,Trump, Earth Changes & More…




It appears that the hate Trump crowd is growing by leaps and bounds, as the Deep State pulls out all the stops to get rid of Trump and bring in their CHAOS, be it economic destruction, a huge false flag event, or major war developing all around the world. The sanctions of Trump may well be a trigger event for economic collapse as more and more country are leaving the dollar and opting for other methods of trade currency or even barter among those nations. The Deep State needs Trump gone and gone now. We have entered the most dangerous period in USA history and anything can happen to bring our country down and install the Masonic “Ordo Ab Chao” fir the final destruction of America. It is at the door, and only the hand of the Lord can delay it. Conflicting prophecies as to the actual time line, but Earth changes are a major clue as to how close we are, and events in Israel coincide with both natural and cosmic signs and more…




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  2. it’s not that the hate Trump crowd in growing …. actually the like crowd among the populace is growing. I’ve seen black people evenin Chicago interviewed praising the job he’s dowing and saying he’s a much better president than veveral of his predecessors including Obama. It’s just that the Deep State aka elites are aiding and abetting by funding the unrest and stoking the left, the RINOs, and the commies.


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