Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-2-2018 – Evil Tidings This Way Come


Israel Bombs Syria, Antifa Awaits 8-4, Deep State False Flag, Revolution Goes Hot?


Evil tidings coming from a number of sources to beware August 4th as the start of something very big and the final communist push to topple America may begin – or not? War drums beating faster. Israel IDF on HIGH ALERT, bombing Syrian/Iran targets. Iran upping the anti with 140 reported boats taking part in shutting down oil shipments? US Military uneasy concerning this Iranian “exercise” because they use “exercises” to go live – not a new tactic anymore. New movie coming out called “MILE 22”, an obvious reference to the number 11-11. New prophecy concerning Trump and August 4th. Why all the fuss over 8-4-2018? Is it because it is SEVEN DAYS from the blood moon over Israel? Was that SIGN the SIGN that was given TO NOAH? Time will tell, it always does. This is flash update…


42 MONTH AND 21 DAYS AGO ON 8-4-2018





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