Best & Taylor Flash Intel Update For 7-22-2018

On Night Shadows Tonight 7-22-2018

July 27th Warning, War, Chaos, Obama, the end of the age and more…


Israel’s War on the 9th of Av has brought about a temporary cease fire, but the likely hood is it will not hold. Bibi says that Putin betrayed Israel, and Hamas just needs more time to resupply their weapons of war before they attack once again. No one is going to back down on this and it will lead to WW3 and it is RIGHT ON TIME. From July 21 to July 27 (Tu’B’Av) is SEVEN DAYS. Was this a seven day warning for Israel? Is July 27th THE DAY total chaos will break out? Remember the motto of “Mystery” is order out of chaos. The chaos appears to be Albert Pikes third world war. Out of the ruins of world war will arise the New World Order. From July 27th to August 4th is another SEVEN DAYS. August 4th is Obama’s birthday. It this a 7 day warning for the world of the arrival of antichrist upon the world scene? Time will tell, it always does and more…





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