Best & Taylor News Hour For 7-20-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Time Lines, Bible Codes, Blood Moons & The Rise Of Obama?


EIGHT FEASTS OF THE LORD – Tu”B’Av Is The 8th and Last Feast Of The Year – 8 means NEW BEGINNING, NEW CREATION

Much speculation has arisen concerning the 9th of Av (tomorrow 7-21), the blood moon over Jerusalem on Tu’B’Av, the mysterious love feast TO the Lord, some refer to it has symbolic of the Church being removed, but it has also been pointed out that this blood moon could be a SEVEN DAY WARNING (as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again), to the rise of Obama on August 4, 2018, with the claim that Obama is named in Scripture as the coming lawless one – “I beheld Satan FALL as lightning”. The word actually means Obama, something found a long time ago, actually. If any of this is true, we should have a very interesting next few weeks as we journey through these days towards Feat of Trumpets on 9-11-2018!! The time line itself is getting very interesting, and multitudes of SIGNS have been given to those watching!! To the world, it will all be A NORMAL DAY and then suddenly, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, and more…





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