Best & Taylor Intel Update For 7-9-2018


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Trump Coups, Revolution, Treason Everywhere But No Is Arrested – Why?



A New York Times editorial calls for open revolution to dump Trump by any means possible if you read between the lines, and major media is guilty of sedition but nothing is done about it. Why not? Deep State controls it all, and long ago we warned that this was a communist coup to topple the United States and it has gone into high gear. Warnings are that Trump has decided he is going to war, abound. “Order Out of Chaos”, the motto of “MYSTERY” is now unfolding before our eyes. The United States will be totally destroyed as we are merged into the New World Order of Mystery via the United Nations. Then we have July 27th, and a blood red moon over Jerusalem on a little known Feast day called Tu-B’Av that has the removal of the Bride of Christ written all over it. Earth changes are everywhere as we enter into the final phase of mankind’s probation upon Earth closes down…




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  1. FWIW: the last day of this year’s Bohemian Grove is also July 27th (it started July 7th).

    Thank you for the show. God continue to bless.


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