Best & Taylor Intel Update – War In The Middle East!

Night Shadows Tonight At 7:00 PM CDT – 6-18-2018

War Intensifies In Yemen, Syria, Iran Backed Forces Moving Towards Israel


Not in your news over here, but the war between Israel and Yemen, Syria and Iran is moving towards a major conflict that may well spell over to Daniel 8 and Isaiah 17 conflicts – and as we have reported, no one knows which comes first in this beginning of the final phase of Israel’s trouble. We have been here before where it looks like conflict and war are NOW and then things cool down for a bit – but the comments made by the world leaders indicates that they already know WWIII cannot be avoided. Putin’s demand that Iran remove its troops from Syria was ignored, further, Assad said he wants a permanent base for Iran in Syria, something Bibi said NO WAY. So here was are – missiles are flying, aircraft are bombing and troops are moving – meanwhile, major media says little if anything about it…