Best & Taylor – War & Peace or Peace & War? – To Be Or Not To Be?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Trump – Peace Maker Or Deception? Paranormal Anomalies & More…


The Earth matrix is nearing its end – it is unwinding. The nations are angry, they are restless – war drums beat while the leaders say, “Peace & Security”, when there is no peace and there is no security. The nations build up their weapons of while speaking of disarmament. The leaders sit at their tables and lie to themselves and others. Jesus said it was a time of deception, the final pieces of the STRONG DELUSION now fitting into place. The paranormal world is waking up, with strange sightings and the veil is thinning. As the evidence mounts that our scientists have no clue to what is really going on, it also proves they have been telling us lies about the ancient past of Matrix Earth.

Fallen humanity refuses to take the one escape exit provided by the Creator. They will not “enter in”. The arrival will soon take place and the DELUSIONS will trap an unwary human race!

The Matrix Unwinding

Humanity is now facing a crisis unlike anything ever seen on planet Earth, but it does not appear that way. We have our rumbles, we have our wars and rumors of war, political corruption of a scale net seen before, unrest ion the nations as trade wars escalate. But there us something much deeper facing our planet – a time of trouble unlike before – and we are in the quiet before the storm – everything appears to be basically normal, sure we have our ups and downs, stock market swings, good economy vs. bad economy. Something else is approaching us – and the signs are everywhere one wants to look.

Jesus said to watch, and gave us a multitude of SIGNS to tell us that we were approaching the time of the end, with Israel the time marker to watch. Jerusalem is the central place where the key events will take place – and next on the list is WAR or is it a FAKE PEACE? And then we have more paranormal sightings taking place – and reports of very strange things being discovered, laying a groundwork for deception. Remember Psalm Two, for no one is exempt – NOT ONE LEADER ANYWHERE.

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