Best & Taylor Intel Update for 6-13-2018

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Strong Delusions of Peace & Security & Then Sudden Destruction



So what is really going on with the Trump-Kim peace and security agreements being hammered out – most saying the USA gave everything and Kim walked away giving nothing. It is said that what was signed is non-binding on North Korea, and it is obvious that China is behind this entire event – and always remember that your enemy becomes your friend just before the killshot. Humanity has not and will not ever change his ways because he cannot – being a fallen, self centered and liars to boot. I have long said this is a TRAP, a SNARE carefully laid down by DEEP STATE and the “powers that be” at the highest of levels. While a professional pilot flying for the top of the top Fortune 500, I learned a lot about how the RICH men live. You really don’t want to know. Hawaii still firing off, and the volcanic activity increasing around the world.

Don’t forget to visit – you are in for a real surprise!! IT IS ALL FREE AS WELL!!!

Don’t forget to visit – you are in for a real surprise!! IT IS ALL FREE AS WELL!!!










While the world watched President Trump and Kim (two men good at lying), meet in Singapore, something else appears to be developing in the Middle East. IT APPEARS THAT THIS MEETING WAS A DIVERSION to what may be about to happen in the Middle East. On the 14th-15th we will have a NEW MOON, which signals the end of Ramadan, now a time to kill infidels. We do not know if this signals the start of open hostilities or not.

I have long believed that North Korea and China have set up what the Bible calls a SNARE, a TRAP, and I believe that Trump has fallen into it. One must remember that China is a sworn adversary of the United States and its military leaders have from time to time openly said that they will have a war with us. North Korea is also an adversary. Let’s throw in Iran, Syria for good measure. Many of our good military generals have warned about China for some time now.

Do not forget that much of the computer technology that our military uses came from China, and there is no way there are NOT BACK DOORS EMBEDDED in that technology to allow China to shut us down and steal our military secrets.

Let’s take a look at what the Bible says in prophecy for the United States, AKA “Babylon The Great” for it is scary to say the least. Remember that a SNARE is laid down secretly and the victim walks into it totally unexpecting they will be SUDDENLY CAUGHT and that without warning. In other words, a TOTAL SURPRISE EVENT WHEN THE SNARE IS SPRUNG:

Jeremiah 50:23-25

23 How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!

24 I have laid a snare for thee, and thou art also taken, O Babylon, and thou wast not aware: thou art found, and also caught, because thou hast striven against the Lord.

Now let’s look at part of a recent prophecy given:

“Watch the meeting, for it is all a trap, and it will ensnare and trap nations into war.”



“My son, as I speak to you, the kings of two nations will engage in double-talk. All looks good on the outward appearance, yet both of these kings are liars. They are lying to the people, they are lying to each other, and they are lying to me. My church is so deceived by this liar, they are quoting My words “Blessed are the peacemakers” from two of the most war hungry men in leadership.


Double talk, saying one thing yet meaning another, is all a game to deceive the very elect. The king lied when he said the meeting was off, which was double talk meaning that it’s on. There will be accolades when the meeting is over, each king patting each other’s back. Again, the Peace Prize will be talked about, this time for both liars. When will My church wake up and see this person for what he really is? Will you sleep when you are attacked?


My son, many in My body believe I anointed this king – I did. I put the leaders of the world’s nations in place to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy.


Only My Remnant have their eyes open to what is being fulfilled in the world. Sadly, My people, whom I love very much, are sound asleep and being deceived by double-talk. These men in high places are experts at opening their mouths and saying nothing but lies and half-truths.


Watch the meeting, for it is all a trap, and it will ensnare and trap nations into war. I have told many of My prophets and watchmen of the coming wars. I have given dreams and visions so horrible to describe to My Remnant, yet when they try to warn My people who are asleep, they are mocked, ridiculed, and driven away. My people would rather stay asleep and listen to the Hananiahs soothing their souls with soft, sultry lies! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! TIME IS FAST APPROACHING THE END , AND YOU SLEEP!!! I AM COMING SOON – BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!


My people, pray, seek My Holy Spirit, read My Word. These three are the only way to be ready for what the liars have planned. I love you all so much! Be ready!”

Messiah Jesus”


And this:

June 13, 2018

Deep State” Goes Into Full Meltdown After Historic Trump-Kim Summit With Shocking Call For “Star Chamber” Secret Trials—And Stunning Move To Ignite World War III”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

“With pro-Trump forces in the United States having recently warned that “if past is prologue, the Empire will strike back – hard and dirty”, a new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that a now melted down American shadow government “Deep State” is, indeed, striking back “hard and dirty” against President Donald Trump after his historic nuclear disarmament summit with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un—with the “Deep State” first having Special Counsel Robert Mueller shock the very foundation of the US legal system by his declaring yesterday that defendants no longer have the right to see the evidence against them—and equally as worse, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reporting that “Deep State” aligned US special operations units are preparing a “false flag”  provocation involving chloride gas in the Syrian Deir ez-Zor Province that will enable them to force Trump into launching a new attack on that country’s state facilities—which Russia calls “unacceptable”, and will respond to in full force against.”


Sworn enemies of America-Babylon do not ever change their views, they only change their behavior to gain advantage. The sudden change of Kim came about AFTER he went to China, and China basically controls North Korea because most of their trade is via China and Babylon’s other enemies, Iran. Inasmuch as North Korea has been aiding Iran with weapons shipments and technological expertise, one can only assume that this sudden change in attitude is nothing more than a charade to gain time and advantage. IT IS A TRAP, A SNARE. IT WILL LEAD TO WAR.

We already know that Trump has been fooled more than once by people, and we know that because Trump himself has said so. Kim is very smart, and one the best “shakedown artists” of our time, repeatedly fooling the west, making agreements, getting money and then not doing as promised.

Ramadan’s end is a time of trouble for all infidels, and more and more reports are filtering in concerning troop movements and military gear edging its way towards Israel, while Israel itself is on high military alert, has called up over 150,000 reserves units and therefor be convinced that WAR is in the immediate offering.

The NEW MOON is a time of DARKNESS, because the moon all but vanishes for several days before the first sliver of the NEW MOON appears. Ramadan’s end is connected to the TIME OF DARKNESS, just as the NEW MOON COMES INTO VIEW.



An attack is already underway between Saudi Arabia and Yemen that appears to be accelerating.

Yemen war: Saudi-backed forces begin assault on Hudaydah port


The chances of another false flag chemical attack in Syria grow. Remember that “Mystery -Deep State” want and need a world war to install their New World Order. Psalm Two is in full effect and the time that Jesus said “when no man can work” is almost upon us.

We have two major choices confronting the prophecies before us – and it relates to the timing of events. Is it possible that Trump will bring about a strange peace and security moment that is a deception, bringing in peace to Korea and also in Middle East, or do we get involved in a major war first, that TRIGGERS a world-wide peace and security moment? I favor the second, but it really depends upon the time line of the Lord’s and the time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Something to think about, and time will tell, as it always does…