Best & Taylor Flash Update – 6-10-2018 – War Drums


Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Psalm Two Wars Very Close? Syria, Iran, North Korea, Turkey & Israel War Talk



It appears that President Trump has changed his stance when it comes to dealing with Kimmy the Wiz Kid, as before the so-called “summit” Trump had said this was just the beginning of meetings, and that it might take a number of them to hammer out the details on denuclearization of NK, but now says this is the one and only chance for Kim it is a full go or basically war, reading between the lines. Meanwhile Syria, along with a multitude of Iranian “advisors” and a refusal to Russia’s Putin to remove all Iran Troops from Syria is pushing ever closer to the Border of Israel, and in turn, Israel is on full alert and has called up all reserves. We are indeed in a PIVOT YEAR, and a Jubilee year that ends in September – so we may see some interesting developments in the next few weeks. Hawaii’s volcanic activity is increasing and more…





One thought on “Best & Taylor Flash Update – 6-10-2018 – War Drums

  1. NIce find on the “9/11” coding for the NK summit [6/12/2018 >>> 6+1+2=9; 2+0+1+8=11].

    Also: 6/12/18 = a “double-666” [6+12=18 (6+6+6); 18=(6+6+6)].

    God knows…

    Thank you for the updates. Much appreciated. God bless.


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