Best & Taylor News Hour For 6-8-2018

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Deep State Wants Trump Gone – False Flag, Impeachment or How?


Psalm Two does not exempt any world leader from its broad sweeping conspiracy FACT, and thus it must be that what we are really watching is a stage play, all mapped out ahead of time, orchestrated by Satan under the approval of the Lord of Lords. While all of these things appear to “just happen”, inside people have openly said that nothing of major importance happens without it being approved well before hand. We know from the Bible that the RICH MEN of the Earth, the world leaders, major corporations do in fact set up a world-wide dictatorship from which no one can escape – for Jesus says NO ONE CAN MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST. The Deep State war with Trump, while it appears to be a real battle, is NOT, and behind the curtain it is all prearranged, much like modern day “reality shows”!! Meanwhile, the increase in Earth changes and all the rest of it may also be mostly engineered to bring about an “end of the world” and the “arrival” as the end game events. It is called THE STRONG DELUSION in the Bible, the only book that speaks about a final terrible deception that damns humanity, and much more…