Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-30-2018

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Hawaii, The Destroyer, Israel, Coups & Counter Coups, False Flags & Diversions



We are watching America imploding upon itself as the communist coup tightens its grip upon the unknowing public and little if anything is being done to stop it. Part of this take-down of America is diversionary tactics, that keep people focused upon “hot button” items that are of little consequence while America is being encircled from without and high treason from within. Little if anything is being done to dismantle the surveillance state, or to rescind laws that are of a real danger to our freedoms, such as NDAA, FEMA Camps, Homeland Security, fusion centers, NSA and CIA spying etc. Meanwhile Earth changes are rapidly expanding, Israel is calling emergency defense meetings and war could break out at any moment, and Kimmy the Wiz Kid is setting a trap for Trump, so who will trump who?