Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-23-2018 – Deep State Insanity

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 pm CDT

Earth Changes, Trump Coup, False Flags, Bible Codes and more…



Hawaii volcanic activity is increasing by the hour, being part of the United States, this is a judgment against us because there has been no repentance, only further rebellion and this will continue until the USA is destroyed. It will next come here, must likely on the West coast and then move inland as many areas in the USA have been active volcanic previous activity which will become active – new Bible codes to report on, Trump coup gaining speed which means deep state is getting nervous and that means FALSE FLAG IS COMING and more…






1 thought on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-23-2018 – Deep State Insanity

  1. well we all know that sept 23 was the birthing but everyone expected the dragon to try to take the child right after the birth. it didnt say that, people assumed. So as a shadow of sorts maybe the under two years of age decree to kill all under two to get our Lord was this shadow of the dragon. So anytime from two years out from sept. 23 rd. of course it will be accompanied by a massive war that will cover up the harpazo. the revelation one third of mankind dying will definitely coverup the raptured.


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