Best & Taylor Intel Update – 5-21-2018 – Hawaii Only The Beginning?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Earth Changes Accelerating Around the World, Deep State False Flag & More…


As the world spins out of control, and the nations grow more and more troubled, it seems that we are getting warning signs of the impending doom for humanity. While nature goes wild all over the globe, mankind seems to be headed into a total control China inspired SOCIAL CREDITS SYSTEM KNOWN AS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Prophecy is being fulfilled all around us at breakneck speed, while the Christian apostasy grows deeper by the day. As all of this is going on, volcanic activity is ramping up, and Hawaii is in serious trouble and now warnings are (not vetted), that a portion of the big island may slide into the sea, which, of course, would produce a mega tsunami that could cause huge damage to the West Coast of America…



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  1. yeah Stew, look at the moon, it is loaded with massive holes, something comes through here every once in a great while.


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