Best & Taylor News Update For 45-11-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Silence Before The Storm, Nature’s Rampage, Coups, Counter Coups & More


When will Iran respond to Israel’s pounding? In order not to lose face, Iran must respond, and could well respond right here in America because of the “sleeper” cells already embedded in our nation. The other oddity concerning all of this is Putin’s almost total silence and apparent low-key approach. He may not want to get involved at this time, but his agreements with both Iran and Syria would come into play if Israel or America overstepped their Psalm Two boundaries and a major nuclear war could occur from any moment from now on. Even one miscalculation can trigger a nuclear war, but the fact remains that the Deep State wants and needs their war, and so does Iran for their world leader to emerge. The Earth is also groaning, and volcanic activity is in an uptick and more…