Best & Taylor News Hour For 5-4-2018 – Earth In Turmoil

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Paranormal, UFO, Arrival, Mothman, Israel, Police State, False Flags and More…


Paranormal sightings of odd entities is increasing along with world-wide UFO activity. That indicates that something is about to happen in Israel, as there appears to be a direct connection between the paranormal and war in the Middle East as Israel is about to enter her time of Jacob’s Trouble. In the meantime, Mothman sightings are still appearing along the area of Lake Michigan, indicating that a major upheaval in the Mid-West is drawing closer. The Deep State appears to be pulling out all the stops to get rid of Trump one way or another, and that means a MAJOR FALSE FLAG EVENT, far worse that 9-11 is ON THE WAY, as the New World Order makes it final move to gain power over the world and more in this interesting news night…