Best & Taylor News Hour For 5-4-2018 – Earth In Turmoil

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

Paranormal, UFO, Arrival, Mothman, Israel, Police State, False Flags and More…


Paranormal sightings of odd entities is increasing along with world-wide UFO activity. That indicates that something is about to happen in Israel, as there appears to be a direct connection between the paranormal and war in the Middle East as Israel is about to enter her time of Jacob’s Trouble. In┬áthe meantime, Mothman sightings are still appearing along the area of Lake Michigan, indicating that a major upheaval in the Mid-West is drawing closer. The Deep State appears to be pulling out all the stops to get rid of Trump one way or another, and that means a MAJOR FALSE FLAG EVENT, far worse that 9-11 is ON THE WAY, as the New World Order makes it final move to gain power over the world and more in this interesting news night…