Best & Taylor Flash Intel Update – Dogs Of War Howling – 4-30-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7 PM CDT

Beltane, Israel’s War On Iran, Russia Silent, North Korea Trap, Trump Coup Goes Deep


It May Mean Far More Than You Think

The occult blood holiday of Beltane is tonight, just as the full moon and Jupiter form a conjunction of warning, and the communist victory of MAYDAY all form together to give a final warning to humanity that the times of great trouble are now arriving very rapidly. In 14 days (7+7) we arrive at the birthday of Israel formation as a nation and her 70th year exactly 7 months and 7 days from 9-23-2017 and the STAR SIGN. Israel launched a heavy and severe attack upon Iran forces in Syria, and not long ago Putin warned that any further such attacks would get a response. Deep State has warned Trump is going bye, bye soon and when that happens, America will see the rise of antichrist and the total collapse of America and more…






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