Best & Taylor Intel Update For 4-23-2018

Playpen Earth, Baby Has Soiled and Wet Diapers & Is Screaming For A Change


Genesis tells us that humanity is a fallen creature, not unlike fallen angels and demons, although we attempt to distance ourselves from that concept and point to them as “fallen” but we are not. Genesis also tells us that we are DEAD to our Creator, and the LINK has been broken. As we result, the tribes of mankind cannot help but FIGHT, WAR, and SCREAM AT EACH OTHER FOR BLAME, but cannot look in the mirror to blame themselves – at the same time, perhaps in an unconscious manner, is SCREAMING FOR CHANGE and a LEADER who will bring PEACE, PEACE when there is NO PEACE, for the Prince of Peace has been locked outside in the cold and He is the only one that can change out our diapers and more…


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