Best & Taylor Intel Update For 4-18-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Cosmic Radiation, Earth Changes, Syria Conflict, Israel & WW3?


As we enter deep solar minimum, the solar wind weakens, allowing more “unknown energies” from outside the solar system to reach Earth. People all over are reporting “brain fog” and “weakness” and other health problems appear to be climbing, along with death rates. Cosmic radiation appears to be changing our electromagnetic environment, affecting all animal life, and may in fact be changing our climate and weather patterns. Visit my YouTube channel “angelfall 923” and watch Mega Earth Changes to get a good grip on what is actually going on – we are approaching a crustal polar shift along with Earth expansion, creating rifts, sink holes, earthquakes, volcanic activity and a whole host of problems that will only accelerate. Then we have the Syrian/Iran/Israel situation heating up, along with Deep State’s desire to start a war with Russia, and more…