Best & Taylor Flash Update For 4-14-2018


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Russian/Iranian/Syrian Response By Attacking Israel Soon? Psalm 90 and 7277!


Russian claims of 71 missiles being shot down and only a few making it through and they did little damage are disputed by USA that claims that all 100 missiles launched hit their targets. Someone is lying and so the TRUTH will come out sooner or later – but now Debka Files is reporting that an attack upon Israel is now being ramped up as payback for the attack upon Syria. Russia has defense treaties with Syria and some response must be made or Russia and PutinĀ  will lost credibility. Fights continue over a FALSE FLAG NON-EXISTENT CHEMICAL ATTACK, or it there was one, who did it? UN proving once again not able to stop anything and continues as before – but perhaps not for long.