Trump announced that American forces have begun their attack upon Syria and that Damascus is under severe attack with huge explosions being reported. Trump also used the term PEACE AND SECURITY in his speech, – HEADS UP FOLKS, we do not yet know if this is the Isaiah 17 battle, or a preliminary that leads to it.


2 thoughts on “WE ARE AT WAR

  1. Greetings in Jesus,
    My name is Shannon Brown my small family and I (my husband Nathan, our 14 year old daughter Ryle, and my mother whom is now in hospice care, Katy) have been listening to you Stewart and Larry for some time now and have been seeing through our bibles that what you guys speak of is 100% absolute TRUTH! We live in North county San Diego where the church and its people are dead, dead in the delusion and dead in spirit. We love you guys so much And thank Jesus for you and all that you have done too show the truth through all of the lies, our faith has grown and scripture is popping for us so to speak, it’s the understanding that we all have now when we go to God’s word. PLEASE pray for us here in Sodom and Gomorrah California we cannot yet leave for my mother who is dying with cancer cannot travel. Jobs are terrible here and we know what destruction is coming for the wicked here, when we are able we would like to help with a small donation, I do have your address and will send when I can. Just know all of us here in our home pray for your safety and for good health. May God bless and keep us all, and thank you once again for speaking the truth in God’s love. AMEN! In His name…Shannon, Nathan, Ryle and Katy.


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