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Part One

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Do You Have The Ace of Heart Of The Ace of Spades?


Once upon a time there was a SUPER GENIUS who decided to design and run a VIRTUAL REALITY GAME. As he developed THE GAME, he found he had to develop a set of rules in order to contain the PLAYERS OF THE GAME. He decided to keep the rules of the game invisible, and that the players would have to discover the rules for themselves as they played the game out over the course of their lives. He made up two primary sets of rules. The first he called NATURAL LAW, and these actually contained the players of the game, and forced them to obey the rules at all times. The second set of rules he called SPIRITUAL, and these rules ALSO forced the players of the game into specific controls, although the players of the game would not realize it.

He decided that the players of the virtual reality game would actually have to be born into the game, grow up in the game, live in the game, and at the end, die. At the end of the game, each PLAYER, when HE/SHE DIED, would see a big sign in red letters, and it read, “ALL IS VANITY, YOU LOSE.” and then they would slide downward to a pit of fire. This sign was kept from all players of the game, as was the pit of fire, and would only appear just after their death.

Now the creator of THE GAME had an objective which he decided to keep a hidden mystery from the players of the game. The real intent, and the real object of the game was totally different than simply playing the game. And thus it was that the game was played. The PLAYERS were born into the game, grew up in the game, and LIVED in the game. The parents, by trial and error, figured out most of the rules of the game, and handed them down to their children. in time, there were vast libraries that contained all of the wisdom and the knowledge that had been learned over the years of playing the game. There were many varied and differing opinions as to the rules of the games, but there was a certain agreement to some specific rules. One of them was called the GOLDEN RULE. It became one of the supreme laws of the game, but many paid no attention to it, or perverted its meaning into “HE WHO HAS THE GOLD RULES”.

If you played the game by THE RULES, you could amass great wealth and fame and be a great success. If you violated the rules of the game, however invisible they were, you might make momentary gain, but in the end you would suffer loss. The vast majority of players in THE GAME did not play it very well. They usually ended up their lives with little to show for it, and only a FEW seemed to figure out the invisible laws of wealth, health and happiness. No matter, the players of the game all played the game as well as they could, and all hoped for the very best.

There were those that began to wonder about the game itself, and if there was someone who designed it all, and what was his motive for it, and what was the object of the game. There arose huge groups of players who sought to give the answers to these questions, and they developed philosophies, theologies, religions and governmental forms as they experimented with the invisible laws that controlled them. “If you play the game this way, you will win” they would all say, hoping to win converts to their systems of thought. The various theologies all gave the creator of the game a different name, but alas, they were all just playing the game. Each group had a different set of laws, and a different philosophy, and they pitted themselves one against the other to see who could “win” and who would “lose”. None had any answers they could prove, they just had ABSTRACT CONCEPTS to go by. so they all played the game. they all sought to find out more about the rules of winning. Not one of them, it seemed, ever stopped to realize there was more to the game than just playing it. They ALL KNEW, from experience, that at the end of the game came DEATH. They watched as all the PLAYERS TO THE GAME DIED. Now they did not know WHAT HAPPENED after they died, but they DID KNOW that no one got out of the game ALIVE.

Now the CREATOR OF THE GAME looked down upon all of the PLAYERS. He watched them as they all played the game, lived and died and SAW THE BIG RED SIGN: “ALL IN VANITY, YOU LOSE”, AND THEY WENT DOWN INTO THE PIT. It did not matter if they had played the game with great success or with no success whatever. It did not matter if they had been good or evil. It did not matter whatsoever what they had done while they played the game. The creator of the game had designed it that way. If all you did was play the game by the rules, you lost. You lost big time, and you lost forever! So then, no matter if you died with trillions of dollars, or a pauper, of you died an angel of light or an evil monster, no matter if you played by all of the rules, of you violated them, you lost.  One and all, he found, were at the end, seeing the big red sign: “all is vanity, you lose”, and going down to the pit of fire

Now the CREATOR had placed within the game itself, an escape hatch, and if the players of the game found it, they would escape the big red sign, and not go to the pit of fire. But only a few, it seemed, were finding the escape hatch. It never dawned upon the minds of those PLAYING THE GAME that PLAYING THE GAME ITSELF might not be the ACTUAL OBJECT. It never dawned upon them that THE REAL OBJECT OF THE GAME was NOT TO PLAY IT, BUT RATHER TO EXTRACT ONESELF FROM IT. It never dawned upon them at all, that no matter what their philosophy, theology, religion, education or governmental form, no matter what group they belonged to, that they were still players of the game.

There were great wars among the players of the game. there was much suffering and murders committed by the players as they fought it out to prove whose set of rules the game was to be played by. They were called the mindset wars. Each group had a mindset, and attempted to force their rules upon all of the others. But all was vanity, because all of the wars, be they over philosophy, or theology, or religion, or governmental form were simply methods and rules to play the game by. And so, no matter which belief structure they embraced, they were still just playing the game, and at the end, they lost, for playing the game itself was never the objective.

Now there were six major spirits that controlled the players of the game. These SPIRITS were so powerful that they BLINDED the PLAYERS OF THE GAME, and caused them walk in a state of DARKNESS. all of the players of the game, no matter who they were, or what they believed, walked in this darkness, but they were not aware of it, nor when warned about it believed it. Not only did they refuse to believe in these spirits, THEY BECAME ANGRY AND KILLED THOSE that claimed it was a fact.

The chief spirit placed over the players of the game was named the SPIRIT OF LIE, because the virtual realty game itself was played upon a place called the “land of the lie”. Then came THE SPIRIT OF SELF LOVE. Under him was THE SPIRIT OF MAMMON. These three were the chief rulers over all the players of the game, but the players were not aware of that, nor ever would be, unless they found the escape hatch. Under them were three other SPIRITS, called FACT, FICTION and OPINION. These three sub-spirits  argued among themselves as to who was the greatest of them. Now although the players of the game were controlled by these SIX SPIRITS, it was possible to BREAK THE HOLD OF THEM. It required GREAT DESIRE and long term GREAT FAITH to accomplish that. Not only that, if this desire came upon a player, the creator would help that player, and send protection to guard that player from being harmed by the controlling spirits of the game. It was CREATED THAT WAY BY THE CREATOR OF THE GAME. It helped him in his REAL OBJECTIVE.

The creator’s object, however, had nothing to do with playing the game under the control of these six major spirits, and millions of lessor spirits that would inhabit, harass and oppress the players.  He had set the whole thing up to find out something else out: who, among all of the players of game, would stop and ask a simple question: who designed the game, and what was the object of it all? What was the true purpose behind it?   And once they had asked the question, who, among them all, of the groups of philosophy, theology and religions that did ask these questions, would have the desire to search out, with all of their mind, heart and soul the answer? Who among them all, would extricate themselves from the game? Who among those, would turn their back upon the spirits of Lie, Self Love, Mammon, Fact, Fiction and Opinion, and search until he had found the spirit of “Truth”? Who among them would sacrifice it all to search out the most fundamental question of all?

 Hidden from all of the players of the game was the chief of all spirits. His name was Truth. in fact, he was the creator of the entire thing. And so, the object of the  virtual reality game was not to play the game at all, but rather, to search out, with all diligence, and with all the power the players had, the spirit of truth. To search him out, to find him, to meet him, and to learn the secret behind the whole game. He  acquitted them, and gave them a new authority, and sent them back into the game to warn others. Few would listen. they mocked the winners.

End of Part One

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