Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-30-2018

Night Shadows Tonight At 7:00 PM CDT

Blue Moons, Passover, War & Sudden Destruction


The Time Tunnel we are in has both an AGENDA and an OMEGA POINT. It appears that we are rapidly closing in on the OMEGA POINT for the church age, and that the “times of the gentiles will soon be over and the door to salvation by grace will soon be closed and those left out will be in serious trouble. The modern Christian theology of how to get saved is an almost total hoax, just as Jesus, Paul, John and Peter warned would come. These poor folks have no clue they are not saved, and are 100% sure they are when they are not. As we come to end of things, the signs are everywhere, but few are paying any attention. Trouble all over the world, peace, peace when there is no peace and more…