Best & Taylor News Update For 3-28-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Kimmy, China & Trump – Peace, Peace When There Is NO Peace?


It is an odd thing to have a country as large as China, and a super power at that, to summon the leader of North Korea to visit Xi and then have an announcement that Kimmy is willing to give up his missiles and nukes – perhaps because no one wins if a war breaks out, and perhaps because China is not ready yet for such a confrontation, and as Kim, needs more time to build their own high tech weapons a bit more – remember their military leaders have bluntly stated that a war with America is unavoidable – its not a question of IF, but only a question on WHEN. Therefore, this appears to be a stall for more time – and because China sits on their border, easy thing to rearm N.K. rapidly for when the conflict does arrive. Then we have the Middle East and much more to talk about…