Best & Taylor News Update for 3-26-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Trouble In Israel, Missiles & Rockets, Wars & Rumors, Trump Trumps the Left?


As things move ever forward into the time of Jacob’s Trouble, the world’s nations are getting more and more angry, and the rabid anger against Israel was on display by the United Nations as it continues its resolutions to deprive Israel of its right to exist. Then we have missiles and rockets being fired into Israel, as well as Saudi Arabia, with Iran as the actual power behind it all – which means that there will soon come the Isaiah 17 or Daniel 8 war! Everyone is going after Trump for his signing the Omnibus Bill, but he may have outsmarted the Dem’s on this one, even so, if planned parenthood does get the funding, I believe the Lord will judge us quickly with more disasters, chaos in the streets and possibly an economic reset and more…