The Best & Taylor News Hour – 3-23-2018

Omega Points, Agenda’s, Sudden Destruction, Doorways & Escape


The war hawks are now surrounding Trump and they want MAJOR CONFLICT. As to how it will start is anyone’s guess, but it appears we are now getting very close to either major war or, in the alternative, some sort of peace agreement will be worked out. However, there are those that say Obama already made a COVENANT WITH MANY, and that, it is said, we his speech to the world in which he said he would change America and change the world. That was back in October of 2008 and did this begin the 14 prophetic years of 7 fat years and 7 lean years? No one knows! However, there is an OMEGA POINT. There is a SUDDEN DESTRUCTION that comes upon the totally unsuspecting world. If we understand the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM, we begin to understand how close we are to the end of man’s probation on Earth.



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