The Best & Taylor News Hour – Special Report

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

6-22-2012 3-16-49 PM

Time Warps, Alpha & Omega Points, Time Tunnels and Much More…

The Omega point of this world is rapidly approaching, but the masses of the world appear to be in a nearly comatose state, unable to recognize even the most blatant of signs. Barry Roffman’s work on the Bible codes concerning time and space appear to be unrecognized WARNINGS of impending doom, and when placed against prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah and other prophets confirm them as pointing to a coming TIME WARP and the beginning of the RESURRECTION PHASES. The Space – Time Continuum is a PRISON for a fallen humanity, and the entire Universe has been subjected to a CURSE from which there is no escape, but the elite are working hard to escape the coming judgment. Watch Israel, breaking news that is prophetically a STUNNER and more in this special report…