The Best & Taylor News Hour for 3-9-2018

Kim, Peace, Trap, Trump, Trade Wars, Iran, Syria, Putin and more…


The peace overtures from Kim will give him more time to finish his nuclear weapons research, but it is possible that the world see suddenly see a move for all the world that appears to say “peace, peace, when there is no peace”. We know from prophecy that a “false peace” is coming, but it short lived and then global war breaks out. There is no question that the pivot point leading the world into the “final hours” is close at hand. Earth changes abound, the nations are getting into trade wars, and the end is not yet, but near. In America, the communist goal of divide and then destroy is well underway, and the destabilization of our country is nearing its end. At the same time, Israel is rising for it’s time of Jacob’s Trouble and more…




2 thoughts on “The Best & Taylor News Hour for 3-9-2018

  1. You guys do a great job and are a part of Our lives! Thank you. I believe this meeting is suspicious and msy be a red herring…or worse…deadly. I am worried about it. The Lord bless, Olivia Alford Frisco, Tx

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    • I agree with you also, my spirit is very troubled by this announcement for I believe that this is a trick for when they say, peace and safety sudden destruction comes. May God keep you and your family in the shadow of His wings. Larry and Stewart we love you guys so much And have been a tremendous blessing to our family, May our Father God keep you healthy and protect you from all darkness. From the Brown family in North county San Diego in the literal pit of Hell called California. We are praying for this remnant family of God all across this earth. In His name YASHUA HA-MESHIACH JESUS CHRIST OUR LIVING KING.


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